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3 Best Deals at the Start of Shadowlands

How to spend less and get more at the time of high prices?

We all know how unpleasant prices at the beginning of each new expansion are. Fortunately, you still can make smart purchases, paying much less than most players – and we'll show you 3 best deals to save your money, yet still get your character raid-ready.

1. Your Perfect Starter Bundle

buy 60 level boost wow shdowlands carries 180

There are 3 things in Shadowlands you should take care of first: levels, gear, and covenant. Covenant is an all-new system somewhat similar to Class Halls from Legion, but with its own unique features. Why is it important? By unlocking it and progressing through its own leveling systems you'll get additional abilities and bonuses that will give you the edge over other players even if they have gear slightly better than yours.

This all-in-one starter bundle gets your character to level 60, improves its gear up to the ilvl of your choice, and unlocks the covenant you want. And all these essential things cost much less together than one by one.

Price without a bundle (gear 160 ilvl)€40.99 / $50.99 
Price in a bundle (gear 160 ilvl): €29.99 / $39.99

Shop Starter Bundle

2. Dungeon Bundle: Heroic & M+0

buy wow carries dungeons boost shadowlands

Regardless of what you might think, there's no need to spend a fortune buying high-level Mythic+ dungeon boosts to get yourself some decent gear in the first weeks of the expansion. No, you can have much more value at the beginning of the content cycle by buying Heroic and M+0 dungeons. Thus your characters will progress more gradually, you will have more play options, and you'll notice the money economy too. Don't expect Heroic dungeons to be a pleasant cruise, however: they are going to be pretty challenging for everyone, so you might consider some help to get gear from them fast and without dramas.

Our dungeon bundles will give you exactly that: all the brand new Shadowlands dungeons completed on a certain difficulty. The Heroic dungeon bundle is cheaper, the M+0 one will get you a better loot, but that will take slightly longer, and the price is higher. Both are good, so probably you'll find it smart to have the M+0 bundle for your main and a couple of the Heroic bundles for your alts.

Price of 8 dungeons without a bundle (Heroic): €50.99 / $60.99
Price in a bundle (Heroic): €39.99 / $49.99

Shop Heroic Dungeon Bundle or Mythic+0 Dungeon Bundle

3. Gearing Service

buy wow gear shadowlands boost cheap

If what you need is just a certain ilvl for your character fast, the smartest thing to do would be to go for the dedicated gearing service. Many players enjoy leveling and questing by themselves, so if you're one of them that's perfectly understandable. After all, World of Warcraft is about the world and your character just as much as it is about purple pixels. Yet after you're through with the main questlines what's left is the gear farm. The never ending gear farm. And we can help you make it less painful.

Our service provides you with a wide choice of gear options, so you can be sure you'll find exactly what you need. However, if for some reason you don't, feel free to request the gear you need by contacting us in any way you want. What you should remember is that gearing is much cheaper than buying different activity boosts, like raids and M+, for example. Here you can be sure of the result: the boost is not over until you have the desired ilvl.

Price of 14 M+0 Dungeons (180 ilvl loot): €90.99 / $105.99
Price of 160 ilvl Gear with our Gearing service: €39.99 / $49.99

Shop Gearing Service

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