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4 Awesome New Rewards – Recruit-a-Friend is Back!

Inviting friends to WoW has never been so rewarding!

Bring your friends (back) to Azeroth!
Get 50% more XP, a special summoning spell, and so much more!
Here's our top-4 rewards of the reworked RAF system.

1/4. 2-Seat Flying Mount: Jungle Hopper

wow buy explorers jungle hopper mount

This thing is even better than all-road!

Hop in this all-terrain-and-beyond machine with your friends.
This is one of the fastest ways to travel as a company.
To get it you will need your friend to have 9 months of active subscription: they can either purchase that at once, or do it month by month.
Another way is to have 9 friends with 1 month of active subscription each!
All aboard the Jungle Hopper!

Obtain the Jungle Hopper Mount Tonight!

2/4. 2-Seat Ground Mount: Dunetrekker

wow buy explorers dunetrekker mount

Camel made the right way!

This is the first 2-seat camel mount in the game.
And it's exactly what you would expect a camel mount to be.
To get it you will need as few as 3 months of game subscription purchased by your friend or friends (in total).
Pretty simple and fast to get, if you have at least 3 people to invite!

Or Have it Without Inviting Anyone!

3/4. Great Cosmetic Set: Renowned Explorer

wow buy renowned explorers attire set

Harrison Jones' Halloween costume. A great one though!

Now this is something really special.
The backpack is a unique model for a back-slot item (finally not a cape!).​
Many of these pieces have different subscription time requirements.
Tabard is 7 months, Rukcsack is 10 months, and all the other pieces are delivered to you at once – 12 months for that.

Get The Full Set Today!

4/4. Adorable Companion Pet: Rikki

wow buy rikki pet recruit a friend

This monkey knows da wae!

A tiny simian explorer is a cute thing to behold.
A no-brainer when it comes to choosing your favourite battle pet.
It's the first reward you will get, as it takes just 1 month of your recruited friend's active subscription for you to receive this pet.
Safe to say, you're going to get it right away!

Armada Can Help You Get it!

And There's Even More!

You will also get a free month subscription with your friend's second, fifth, eigth, and eleventh active month.
Your friend's month 4 will bring you the title "Renowned Explorer".
Also, starting day 1 both you and your recruit friend will get an XP bonus when in a party together and the ability to teleport each other with 30 minute cooldown.
So many goodies, so much fun – don't miss out on this!

Get All the RAF Rewards (Without Having to Invite Anyone)

Have a question about the new RAF system?
Feel free to contact us!


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