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8.1 Island Expeditions – Better Now?

With 2 new awesome zones are Island Expeditions finally fun?

Noticeably more enjoyable!

Less time-consuming and more rewarding.

What other corrections would you expect the Blizz to make?

Wonder how exactly Island Expeditions are better now?

Check out the 4 changes made to them in Tides of Vengeance!


Remember that worthless currency you got at the end of Island Expeditions?

Now you can buy some awesome things with it – to name just a few:

Of course, there's never enough dubloons to buy it all!

But why else do you have ARMADA providing you the best WoW stuff?

We've got you covered with our Island Expediditions boosts!


Jorundall and Havenswood – you remember the names right!

Jorundall is a vrykul-themed island, where tearing sea gales blow and the Gods are watching. Wonder if there's always a mountain where vrykuls are? Of course, there is!

And this time it has a huge tomb inside. Stunning nordic landscapes is what the Blizz are really good at designing! Set foot on this grim land and fight with honor!

Havenswood is a pretty large island somewhere not far from the shore of Gilneas. As with many other Gilnean settlements, something horrible has happened to the local folk and now everything is sinister and somewhat morbid! The island has a long history, as it was initially shceduled for release in 8.0, but the question whether to make the uptown of Havenswood accessible to players or not postponed its debut. And only now, in Tides of Vengeance, we're lucky enough to enjoy this exceptionally authentic zone!


Azerite for the Alliance/Horde was made with definitely good intentions: help us make the most of Island Expeditions and reach the Azerite cap faster. But it required a strange amount of Azerite turned in, which made us complete 3 mythic Island Expeditions AND

1 normal – that was the optimal way, though still not very convenient.

Now the required amount is decreased to 36k from 40k – 3 mythic expeditions alone will

do perfectly. Thus you'll have it done faster!

Also, you now get a Mysterious Treasure Map as a reward for the completion: this item gives you a follower mission to get even more Azerite, gold, residium, and – this is important! – another chance to get a rare Island Expeditions drop! That includes mounts, pets, toys, and transmog – now the weekly expedition quest has much more to it, huh?


Island invasions will now happen no matter what! Regardless of what's the current situation on the map, you'll have a chance to take part in an invasion and get better loot.

Mobs in general are now more clustered than before – it's easier to fight your way through them when they are all located more predictably and you don't have to seek each and every murlock hidden in the farthest corner of an island.

Also, now every island will 100% have two alien mob species on them to give you an extra chance for more rare loot!

Even the rewards for each scenario completed are now better: mythic and PVP Island Expeditions give 350 Azerite up from 300!

And, as a cherry on top, we've also got more new toys, pets, and mounts to collect: just look at the glorious Island Thunderscale, or at the Risen Mare which is the first undead horse available to the Alliance!


With 8.1 WoW's got a lot of improvements!

It's a great thing that Island Expeditions evolve.

Unarguably, they used to be a total mess, but no longer!

More understandable reward system and more rewardsawesome!

Buy Mythic Island Expeditions Boost

Buy Island Thunderscale Mount

Buy Saltwater Seahorse Mount


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