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8.1 War Campaign – Worth Doing?

Should I do the 8.1 War Campaign or is it just a waste of time?

Let us make it clear right away: the story is great.

It is as enjoyable as the war campaign never really was before.

But is it fun for the lore fans only?

Short answer: no.

You're going to like it, regardless of what your favourite game aspect is.

Find 3 reasons to start the new war campaign below!


There's no way you can unlock the Zandalari trolls or get access to Kul'Tirans without completing the new war campaign chapters. And that's perfectly justified: the Battle of Dazar'Alor helps both the Alliance and the Horde build a friendship bond with their BFA hosts.

The Alliance helps return the Abyssal Scepter to Boralus, and Kul Tiran humans display skillfulness during the siege of Dazar'Alor.

The Zandalari do not betray the Horde in the face of a disaster, and the Horde throws the Alliance back from the city and vows to avenge Rastakhan's death.

Logically, you'll need an exalted reputation with the respective faction as well as the new chapters completed. And we've got you covered, of course!


That's mainly about the Alliance, but still: at least 2 Battle of Dazar'Alor raid bosses make their appearance during the 8.1 campaign questlines – we're not counting the already known faction leaders such as Rastakhan, Mekkatorque, and Jaina (even though they all have their part in the story).

First, one of the Alliance's secret weapons designed for the siege turns out to be Grong, a huge ape and the second BOD boss for the Horde or the third for the Alliance. The gorilla genius joins forces with the gnome engineers and becomes the largest mammal in Zuldazar!

Second, during the secret misssion to retrieve the Abyssal Scepter Alliance spies bump into the Opulence Treasue Guardian. Running from the huge golden elemental is the complete list of the Opulence-related activities you're going to take part in before you find it as the fourth boss in the Battle of Dazar'Alor raid.

To see how the stories of these creatures develop, join us for a Normal or Heroic BOD run!


Naturally, Horde players will have to deal with lots of 7th Legion soldier NPCs, while Alliance fans are destined to slay numerous orcs, trolls, and other Honerbound. But that's not it!

On your missions to the hostile continent the chance to meet enemy faction players becomes really good!

A perfect opportunity to start a kill streak for all PvP fans!

In case you've kept the WAR MODE ON button untouched so far, we've got a lot of PvP boosts for you to start dominating the enemy zones in almost no time!

You're really missing out, if you're not there!


War campaign is what every WoW player needs to take part in.

It's way more well written than garrisons and order halls.

And, also, it's about your faction identity for real.

And does it not matter most in this game?

For the Alliance? Or for the Horde?

Here the answer is up to you!

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