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Best Way to Level Up in WoW TBC – What is it?

What is the fastest way to achieve level 70?


Every time a new expansion is released the question of "What is the fastest way to achieve the max level?" becomes popular again. In TBC there are not that many ways to level up: basically, just 3. So we decided to compare them all in this blog post and figure out which one is the best. Or at least which fits you best.



1. Questing


bh 1


Questing is your regular way to experience the TBC leveling. Unlike Vanilla, it's simple and straightforward. You don't have to cross numerous zones with chaotically placed hubs and flight masters, you don't have to look for quests under literally every stone. Quest givers can be found where you expect them to be, the process is coherent and is also pretty pleasant and benficial (gold-wise).


But it has certain drawbacks too: first of all, you're going to have many rivals. If you decide to start playing right after the release, you'll face a horrible reality: there are hundreds of people around, while quest mobs/items are finite. So get ready for queues despite all the layering.

Another disadvantage is speed. Moving around the zone is time-consuming and not every quest gets you enough XP to justify the time spent on its completion.


Still, questing is a great way to level up if you prefer playing solo – but to make the process more enjoyable consider waiting a little after the release not to compete for mobs with numerous players around.




2. Grinding Mobs


Terokkar Forest


Just killing mobs is never a good idea for leveling: mobs don't give you a lot of XP if they are not being killed for a certain quest. They are also hunted by many other players, so you won't be killing them non-stop all the time.

Hence, that's not the way to go – unlike Vanilla, you won't have questless gaps during your leveling in Outland, so mob grinding in TBC is out of the question.


However, there's one peculiarity here: if you're a lucky owner of a T3 (Nax armor set), you can go absolutely insane during the TBC leveling. That means that after you cross the Dark Portal you can head straight to Terokkar and just start killing Arakkoas (bird-like humanoids) around the map.

Since you won't have any competition in that high-level zone during the first hours of the expansion, you will be able to kill mobs non-stop and you'll get enough XP to get a couple of levels fast and start doing local quests.

It works best for hunters, since their pets give them a huge advantage over other classes. Just don't forget to bring along lots of projectiles and you'll be good.


This method is good only when you want to play right after the expansion is released and you don't have a pre-made party for dungeons. But if at least one of these things is not true, you better stick to some other way.




3. Dungeons




Dungeons are slightly different in the TBC: they are easier to reach during the leveling process than they were in Classic. Literally everyone levels through the same zones with some slight variation further on. It means that you can use the benefit of fast leveling through dungeons even without a pre-made party: there will be enough PUGs to make up a group. It's going to be fast and most likely you're going to get good enough items to not miss quests at all.

However, if you really want to stick to dungeons only, we strongly recommend a pre-made group. Without it you might face numerous osbtacles, especially if you're a DPS player: you will spend time looking for parties, then looking for players after one or several will decide to leave the party – and what a horrible time you're going to have if a tank quits!


But if you do have a pre-made party, dungeon leveling is a no-brainer: it is the fastest way to get level 70 in the Burning Crusade. If you decide to try it, here's the tested route:


  1. Blood Furnace – clear it many times till you're level 61 and have Honored rep with Thrallmar / Honor Hold
  2. Slave Pens – clear it till you're level 65
  3. Mana Tombs – clear it till you're level 66, make sure to complete the quests next to the dungeon entrance
  4. Sethekk Halls – clear it till you're level 68
  5. Begin the Karazhan attunement quest in Shattrath and travel to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris to complete the intro quest
  6. Old Hillsbrad – clear it once
  7. Sethekk Halls again – clear it till you're level 69
  8. Shadow Labyrinth – loot the item (Key Fragment) for the Karazhan attunement and farm the dungeon till you have the Revered rep.
  9. Get back to Shattrath, turn in the Karazhan quest, take the next one
  10. The Steamvault – loot the item (Key Fragment) for the Karazhan attunement and farm the dungeon till you have the Revered rep.

Somewhere during Step 10 you're going to hit level 70. And not just that: you'll be right on your way to be raid-ready with all the dungeon gear you now have, decent reputation progress, and the Karazhan attunement almost finished for your character.




So which is the best for you?

It depends on how you want to play.
If you want to go solo, choose questing and just do it naturally: zone by zone, just the way the game will lead you.

If you have a couple of friends who have already taken their vacation for June 1, you should definitely spam dungeons.

However, if you're not a fan of the leveling process and just want your character to hit level 70 asap, we recommend using one of our power leveling services:


1) If you want us to do all the job, choose the regular power leveling – just choose the level span you need and we'll do the rest.

2) If you want us to help you out while you're, say, taking a nap, go for a "pay-per-hour" leveling: you just tell us how many hours you want us to play and we help you not miss out on the progress while you're taking a break or doing some other stuff.


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