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Now You Can Buy Crucible of Storms Boost (And Save a Lot)

Newest raid, newest gear, newest ways to save more!

Crucible of Storms is finally here!
Be first to deal with those 2 bosses and loot some great gear!
Join us for a pleasant raid run and get your shiny brand new rewards today.

Oh, and have you already heard?

We added CoS to our new bundles for you to get even more value at once!
Read on to find out more!


Crucible of Storms has awesome bosses.
And it's not just because they drop up to 410 iLvl gear.
They also don't look like anything you would like not to destroy.

Unfriendly squidman, psycho octopusman, and vicious snakeman.
Could those gentlemen gather not for some sort of a fishy business?

Fast raid run, great loot, satisfying victories.
You already know how great this new raid is going to be!
Find all you need to know about CoS in our special article here!

Buy Crucible of Storms Boosts


Yes, they are cheaper together.
Our latest VIP pack offers the best value bundle:

CoS Heroic + BoD Heroic + Mythic Plus 10 = ULTRA VALUE
The price of each in this set is the lowest possible!

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Don't consider Dazar'alor done yet!
It's still alive and has awesome items to offer.
Also, its Mythic difficulty just became cross-realm!

As for the Heroic runs, they just got even cheaper!
On average, you get more loot from BoD than from CoS.
So having both weekly is your smartest way to the best gear.

Buy Battle of Dazar'alor Boosts

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