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Darkshore Warfront – Is It Any Good?

Is Darkshore a step forward or the same mistakes all over?

Warfronts are getting significantly better!

Darkshore adds depth to what used to be a meaningless activity.

But what exactly are the gains of participating in a pretty hot new conflict?

Lots of them!

Let's have a look at top-5 things that prove Darkshore is worth it!


Despite what so many say, new Warfront Sets are perfect transmog gear for the two races represented most in the conflict: night elves and the undead. And it's not about armor only, as the new weapons also bring a lot of distinct racial identity to your character look!

Yes, farming the complete sets might be a little bit too much of grind, but, just as usual, ARMADA got you covered!


Thankfully, the story of this huge good tree wasn't forgotten or put on a back burner: Tyrande wants revenge and she wants it now! For everyone who long ago started their WoW adventure in Teldrassil – that is, for everyone playing a night elf, the complete destruction of the place so dear to them was a great tragedy. And the Horde can't just get away with it!

Now you have your self-sacrificing leader going all in with a dangerous Elune rite that brings you a new night warrior customization!

Unlike Arathi, the Darkshore Warfront makes perfect sense lore-wise!


Darkshore Warfront is noticeably smaller than Arathi and – this might come as a surprise – that's actually good news! Now the whole place is engaged in the conflict with more enemy mobs around – and, logically, they're placed way more densely.

Instead of the two Ararthi huge forts, we've now got several small camps, and it definitely adds up to a better gaming experience, as your progress is more evident. The goals are easier to understand and the impact of your effort is easier to notice!


Small touches create big character: the entire Darkshore Warfront is a living-breathing thing, and you can't help noticing how thoroughly and carefully it was being brought to life. The way the scenario is as a whole is unique, and in this sense the new warfront is so much not Arathi!

Is it the Alliance in control of the warfront zone at the moment? Easy to tell just by looking around: moonwell is full of dark water blessed by Elune's wrath, young trees sprouting everywhere, ancients thoughtfully wandering about. Even Auberdin's port is back!

Horde in charge? Goblin machinery all over, fresh stumps, loaded bligh-throwers, and moonwells full of blight! And Auberdin is stripped of its port again!

So much effort put into every tiny detail – nothing like the bleak first warfront!


When was the last time we had a chimaera mount? Back in the WoD?

Ashenvale Chimaera is a whole different thing: nothing like a brutal world Draenor inhabitant – it's a winged dread and it's a true night sentinel!

As well as Kaldorei Nightsaber and Umber Nightsaber – two cats perfect for night patrolling! Yet the greatest of them all is Priestess' Moonsaber, which promises to be a real gem in every mount collection! You can buy it, if you happen to have some spare warfront badges!

However, discovering rare mobs and grinding warfront badges are hardly the least challenging activities in the game, and you might find yourself in need of a little help – ARMADA will be most glad to give you a hand with it!


As you can see, the Blizz are good at rectifying their mistakes.

Naturally, warfronts are still not the PvE content you'll be excited about most.

But it's a great step in the right direction, and the idea of more warfonrts now isn't so sad!

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Buy Ashenvale Chimaera Mount

Buy Priestess' Moonsaber Cat Flying Mount


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