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[Product Update] Cross-Realm Saves Dazar'alor Mythic

BoD Mythic gets so much more accessible!

Mythic raids can be so annoying.
Imagine playing on a low pop realm and going for [Cutting Edge].
You can only choose from the guys that play on your server and that's it.
Sometimes that's really, really not enough and it makes you wonder.

What genius made Mythic not cross-realm from the beginning?

Fortunately, those days of unfairness are now gone!
Starting April 11 BoD is cross-realm for all the regions.
And that means that our Dazar'alor Mythic boosts are too.

How exactly does that make our BoD Mythic boosts better?
See 3 main points below!


dazaralor mythic run wow boost crossrealm

That's just it.
You don't have to spend money and time on it.
Leaving your dear guild? Why would you do that?

Keep your character on the realm where its home is!


dazaralor mythic run loot wow boost cheaper now

Spend less, save more.
As a result of the cross-realm addition, you pay much less.
Also, since there are now more guilds that have finished the raid,
the cost of the run itself is lower than it used to be.


buy bod dazaralor mythic run wow boost safer now

How can your raid now be even slightly suspicious?
Everyone does Mythic cross-realm, so why can't you?

Transfering to another realm for a run looks way more fishy.
And besides, the Blizz don't watch cross-realm Mythic raids so closely.



Now you know that the time is right.
If you've ever considered to buy Dazar'alor Mythic boost, this is your perfect chance.

It's cheaper, safer, and doesn't require your character to transfer to another realm.
Mythic BoD has never been so good!

Buy Dazar'alor Mythic Boost

Have a question about Dazar'alor Mythic?

Feel Free to Contact Us!


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