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[Destiny 2] Solstice of Heroes Carries at a Great Price

Make the most of the time-limited event that will soon be over!



Destiny 2 reintroduces its awesome Solstice of Heroes event – and what does it mean exactly? Lots of farm for us all to obtain the magnificent armor sets, of course! And the time is limited too: September 8 is when it all ends. Armada Boost is ready to help you in that endeavor, but first let's take a closer look at the prize:





The rewards are simply mesmerizing. Here's what they look like with the special glow: 


solistice of heroes sets 2020


However, the glow doesn't come for free: it has to be obtained just like the sets themselves. The sets are supposed to be upgraded, so don't expect the magnificent quality right away: you'll start with renewed items, then you'll turn them into majestic, and only after that you'll begin your long and difficult journey to making the armor set magnificent. It's absolutely worth it, but let's take a closer look at what exactly you are expected to do for them:






Okay, look, you have basically 4 sets: renewed, majestic, magnificent, and the glowing one. Each set has 5 items: helmet, gauntlets, chest, boots, and bond/mark/cloak. So there are 20 (5 times 4) activities of ever-growing difficulty you'll have to deal with. The requirements are going to be different for each class too. So that gives us lots of things to do and lots of confusion to cope with. Here's what the tasks can look like and how they differ among the classes:

solstice of heroes destiny 2 carries armada boost

So yes, it's not that simple to grasp. But don't worry, if Bungie enjoys giving you insane grind, it doesn't mean that you have to comply. If you want to get cool gear set, you just can get exactly that. How?






We know how to get Solstice armor sets fast. Our pros have already done it for many happy customers, so you can be sure your time is going to be successfully saved. We know that some of you would like to have more than 1 set, so here's what we came up with:


solstice of heroes carries destiny 2 armada boost

You can now choose among these 3 products: the first one (on the left) is just an armor set for one of your characters. The second (middle) guarantees you 2 sets for 2 different characters with a great discount. And the third (right) gets you all the 3 sets the event has this year – and also helps you save a lot of money. Choose the one that fits your needs best and Armada will be most happy to help!


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