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First Shadowlands Raid is Castle Nathria. What is it?


What mysteries does the first Shadowlands raid hold?


First raids of the expansion are always special. They serve as a logical continuation of the expansion's principal storyline and finish it in a most impressive and satisfying manner. Well, most of the time: killing G'huun back at the beginning of the BFA might have actually been pretty confusing, but Emerald Nightmare and Highmaul did their part pretty convincingly.


So far, Castle Nathria looks promising. It has impressive aesthetics and will have one good old major character making a comeback to the game. Not that we expected that, but it's a pleasant surprise for sure! Let's take a closer look at what the raid is going to be like!



What's the Story? (in progress)



Castle Nathria is a huge gothic castle towering over Revendreth – the last of the 4 Shadowlands realms we'll visit on our way through the story. It's the place where the ruler of the realm resides, and that would be Sire Denathrius. Everything here is vampire-themed and bears a resemblance to nathrezims and san'layns.



But the most intriguing part so far is the return of Kael'Thas Sunstrider. Most probably he's going to take part in one of the Castle Nathria's boss encounters but if he's going to have another setback or join our side is yet to be figured out. Regardless of how his character is supposed to develop, his new look is stunning!




Some commentators find the resemblance between Denathrius and the Burning Legion's dread lords pretty suspicious and speculate on the Revendreth boss being somehow related to them. Another possibility is Kael'Thas finally joining the players' side, just like Illidan did back in the Legion. That would be awesome and in doing so he'd join his another former ally Lady Vashj that helps us in Maldraxxus, another Shadowlands zone.




How Do I Get There?


Castle Nathria is located in the central northern part of Revendreth, one of the Shadowlands zones.

revendreth map wow shadowlands


The entrance is simple to find: it's on the ground level and it has a really huge doorway. On the map you can find it to the left of the bat that indicates the Castle Nathria location.


castle nathria how to find




Who are the Bosses? (in progress) 

Castle Nathria
is going to have 10 bosses. Fun fact: it's more than any BFA raid had except for Ny'alotha. And actually, it's more than any starting raid had since WotLK (since Naxxramas remake). Are we going to have something special going on for raids this expansion? We surely hope so!



This is the way Castle Nathria's levels are going to be organized. Looks a bit confusing, but it's actually a good thing: it would've been much worse if it all looked as if we've already been there.


castle nathria bosses shadowlands raid encounters


This is the list of all the bosses we have revealed so far. As soon as we get the remaining ones and learn their proper order, we'll update this section. And now here's the list of the bosses in the speculated order:


  1. Shriekwing (huge winged monkey kind of creature);
  2. Altimor the Huntsman (venthyr big cheese);
  3. Hungering Destroyer (purple golem);
  4. Artificer Xy'Mox (weird humanoid magician);
  5. Sun King's Salvation (Kael'thas has something to do with this one);
  6. Lady Inerva Darkvein (venthyr lady boss);
  7. The Council of Blood (first council boss);
  8. Sludgefist (green golem);
  9. Stoneborne Generals (second council boss);
  10. Sire Denathrius (the local ruler).


Just as usual, Denathrius, being the final boss here, awards Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge feats of strength. On the Mythic difficulty he also grants a title, but which one is yet to be discovered.




What Gear Does It Have? (in progress)

Castle Nathria has 4 gear sets again, just like all the BFA raids did. So no good news for class-tier fans – looks like those are gone for good and Blizzard consider the 4-set system superior. But that might be not that bad after all. This time we have a really awesome common theme for gear – vampires, gothic aesthetics, castles, and everything being menacing. Let's take a look at each set:


1/4. CLOTH








3/4. MAIL




4/4. PLATE



It's still not clear which color indicates which difficulty, so we'll make sure to upgrade the order as soon as we have more information.




Will Armada Do Carries for Castle Nathria?

Of course we will! We already have a dedicated preorder section on the website that can give you an idea of what Castle Nathria services we're going to to provide. Also, you can win any of them by taking part in our preorder raffle! For that you'll only have to enter your email on the product page in the special form and that's it – you're already a participant.




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