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[Giveaway] Win Shadowlands Game Code!

Win a free Shadowlands game code!





Here you could win one of the 10 Shadowlands game codes! Yes, you could get the upcoming WoW expansion for free just like that! And it was really simple – take a closer look at how you could get it!



The Winners


free shadowlands giveaway results wow winners

These are the 10 lucky winners who now have their Shadowlands expansion for free! If you're not one of them, don't worry – we'll have another giveaway soon, so you'll have another chance to try your luck!



What Were the Rules?


There were just 3 simple steps:

  1. Purchase one of our discounted bundles
  2. Wait till August 2
  3. See if you're one of the winners



Step 1: Purchase a Bundle

 win free shadowlands giveaway rules wow july

You needed to buy ANY of our discounted bundles. It could be a raid+dungeon bundle (one of our Seal Packs), a dungeon+vision one, a x3 horrific visions one, or a fresh-character pack. Everyone who purchased a discounted bundle from July 26 till August 1 became a raffle participant – you only had to make the purchase, nothing else.


Shop Discounted Bundles



Step 2: Wait till August 2


August 2 was the day when we announced the winners, but the latest day you could buy a bundle to take part in the raffle is August 1. We updated this article with the list of the winners at 4pm CEST (10am EST) on August 2.



Step 3: Find Your Name on the List


If you were among the 10 lucky winners, we let you know as soon as we published the results – we contacted the winners on Discord or Skype, depending on which contact method they usually used to reach out to us.


Congratulations to the Winners!



Have questions? ​Feel free to contact us!


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