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6 Things That Make Patch 8.2 Awesome

The best BFA patch so far explained — why is it so good?

Patch 8.2 is a real game changer.
It's called Rise of Azshara and it comes out on June 25.

Unlike many other updates, this one is really huge.
2 zones, special raid, mega dungeon, and more!

Let's have a closer look at these great additions.

1/6. NEW RAID! Azshara's Eternal Palace

azsharas eternal temple raid boost wow

This place is not only amazingly beautiful.
It's also full of epics of up to 445 iLvl.
And weapon models are stunning!

And its bosses are pretty peculiar too!
One of the fights even happens underwater.
And, of course, ARMADA has preorders for the raid!

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2/6. NEW ZONE! Nazjatar is so beautiful

nazjatar world quests boost wow

Nazjatar is the new big hub for both factions.
World quests, various events, PvP objectives, and more!
Probably, the most fun zone in a pretty long time.

There's never not enough action in Nazjatar.
However, the number of things to do daily here is really vast.
So, if you find yourself lost in a daily routine, we're always ready to help!

Pre-order Nazjatar Daily Routine Boost

3/6. NEW DUNGEON! Mechagon

mechagon dungeon boost wow

Mechagon is not just another dungeon.
It's a so called MEGA dungeon with 8 bosses.
Also, it's another huge zone added in the patch.

At the release, it will be Mythic only, of course.
And it's going to be a challenge even for the well-geared.
But worry not, ARMADA is here to help you cope with just anything.

Pre-order Mechagon Megadungeon Boost

4/6. FLIGHTS ARE BACK! Pathfinder, Part Two

pathfiner part two feathers mount boost wow

Finally, finally, finally – fly anywhere in BFA zones!
Nazjatar and Mechagon included – same rules apply.
​For that you need the Pathfinder, Part Two achievement.

it won't be easy to obtain though, as it requires some grind.
But as a reward, you get not only flights, but also a parrot mount!
And ARMADA has you covered with the boring reputation farm too.

Pre-order BFA Pathfinder, Part Two Boost

5/6. NEW MOUNTS! Crab, bee, wheel – wait, wheel?

mounts rise of azhsara patch 8 2 boost wow

Yeah, real wheel to drive and to sit in – wicked!
And there's a plenty of other awesome new mounts to get.
No matter what you like doing most, you'll find an awesome reward.

Also, now all your mounts will have their own equipment.
You'll be able to make any mount you have water-walking, for example.
Now that's a real game changer!

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6/6. NEW TRANSMOG! New heritage armor

heritage armor taurens gnomes boost wow

Two new awesome transmog sets for 2 classic races!
Indulge your tauren or gnome with this amazing race pride gear.
See that totem on the back? It's a part of the cloak!

Pre-order New Heritage Armor Sets

Have a question about ptach 8.2 boosts?
Feel free to contact us!


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