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Horrific Visions Quick Guide [5 Min Read]

All you need to know about Horrific Visions – brief & simple!

Horrific Visions is a great feature of the BFA's patch 8.3.

Probably, it's the best the expansion could get – it's that much fun.

But at first it can seem pretty overwhelming, so we're here to help you out.

Brief, simple, helpful – you'll know all you need to know within 5 minutes.
Ready? Great, merely 4 paragraphs to go.

1/4. What are Horrific Visions?

New PvE content that you can do both solo and with a party of up to 5 people.

You travel to a nightmare version of either Orgrimmar, or Stormwind (alters weekly).
There you have 1 main objective and 4 secondary ones.

Killing secondary objectives gives you more rewards.

Killing the main one ends the instance (= you win).
Your time there is limited.

2/4. What do I get for doing Horrific Visions?

Visions are the best way to level up the legendary cloak* and get Titanic Research upgrades*.

Also, there you can get:

  • great gear (up to 470 iLvl, better than heroic raid items),
  • Azerite essences,
  • mounts, pets, transmog, etc.

3/4. How do I start Horrific Visions?

You and ALL the party members must have a Vessel of Horrific Visions.
You can get up to 3 of those weekly from Wrathion for doing world quests.

Once you all have it, go to the Chamber of the Heart in Silithus.
There you'll find a portal near MOTHER.

4/4. How do I get the best rewards from Horrific Visions?

Complete secondary objectives and use special masks** for harder affixes.
Also, make sure to open all the chests you find inside the Vision.
Be careful: without good Titanic Research upgrades you are not likely to succeed in completing secondary objectives.


That's about it!
You know all you need to know about Horrific Visions now.
You know what it is, why you need it, how to start it, and how to make the most of it.

Also, you know that Horrific Vision are challenging.
Opening them, completing them, making the most of them – it's all pretty hard.
Luckily, we've got you covered with our boosts.

– Have a Horrific Vision Completion Boost –
– Have a Legendary Cloak Upgrade Boost –
– Browse More Horrific Visions Boosts –

Want to learn more about Horrific Visions?
If you have more time, find some of the most important details below.



Q: Why do I need to upgrade the legendary cloak & Titanic Research?

A: Titanic Research upgrades allow you to have more time inside the Horrific Visions, as well as various buffs and improvements.
Legendary Cloak allows you to have more corrupted items on and also helps you inside the visions.
Corrupted items are the new type of items that you get from raids and other PvE activities: they have negative effects as well as positive – the Legendary Cloak increases your resilience towards the negative ones.


Q: What are they and how do I get them?
A: Masks add affixes*** to your visions and grant you more loot.
You get them for completing specific tasks inside the visions.

The first one is given to you after you complete all the 5 objectives within 1 run.
The other four are given for completing secondary objective in the hardest parts of Horrific Visions (in the so-called "lost areas") with any other mask active.


Q: What are affixes?

A: Additional challenges, just like in Mythic Plus dungeons.

Mostly Horrific Visions affixes affect you "sanity"****, which is what your time limit inside the Visions depends on.


Q: What is sanity?

A: Basically it's your time limit.

It becomes lower with time on its own.

But it can reduce faster, if you are hit with some special abilities.

If you do a Vision solo, the end of sanity means the end of the Vision.
But if you are in a party, you can get help or help your ally with casting a Sanity Restoration Orb, as well as just sharing a half of the living party member's sanity.

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