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How to Become the Boss in Patch 8.3

Let us explain it to you real quick!

Okay, patch 8.3 is somewhat confusing at best.

Let us help you get to grips with WoW's latest content.

Basically, you only need 5 things.

1/5. Get the Intro Questline Done ASAP

Why?: Access to new features

We can't stress this enough – it's very important.
The questline is nowhere near as fun as it's long.
The more time you spend on it, the more boring it seems.
Yet the worst part is that you can't get to other new features without completing it – so you better focus on finishing it fast.

Need some help with the questline? We can help you deal with it fast.

2/5. Do Activities in Uldum & Eternal Blossoms

Why?: Decent Gear + Access to Horrific Visions

First thing you do after finishing the questline.
Activities include world quests, daily quests, weekly N'zoth assaults.

Note that when the zone is under N'zoth's assault, it gets a special portal ("Vision of N'zoth" on the map) which you use to start doing daily quests – you gotta take those quests at once, because you can ONLY visit the portal ONCE a day.

​Completing them gives you decent items and the new currency: Coalescing Visions –  talk to Wrathion to change them for Vessels of Horrific Visions.
They will grant you access to Horrific Visions.
Why do you need that? See below.

Don't have time to farm Coalescing Visions? We're here to help.

3/5. Make the Most of Horrific Visions

Why?: Making Your Raid Gear Better

Here you get the best thing this patch has for gearing: corruption resistance. You need it to wear cool new raid items: without the resistance you'll be getting too many negative effects.

You get more corruption resistance by leveling up your legendary cloak – for that you complete objectives inside Horrific Visions. The objectives are given by Wrathion and most of them involve killing additional bosses.

Additional bosses are too strong for beginners. To make them an even match get Titan Archive upgrades by collecting Corrupted Mementos while doing Horrific Visions. The upgrade shop is in the Chamber of the Heart (Silithus) near M.O.T.H.E.R..

DON'T try killing additional bosses right away: focus on killing the main one first. After you're comfortable with finishing the main boss fast, consider trying additional bosses – fight them BEFORE you fight the main boss though, as killing the main one ends the Vision.

Learn more in our special Horrific Visions quick guide here.
​And feel free to have some help from Armada, if you're stuck!

4/5. Don't Neglect Normal Raid

Why?: Its 2 last bosses drop almost Heroic loot

2 last Normal bosses drop loot of 465 iLvl.
It's 10 points above regular Normal gear and merely 5 points below regular Heroic items. At the beginning of the content it's going to make a lot of difference.
So don't skip Normal – it's a good source of really powerful gear pieces.

Don't want to raid with PUGs? Check our best Raid deals!

5/5. Forget Mythic+10 – Do Mythic+15 Instead

Why?: Best weekly reward now comes from M+15

Difficulty rose up – it's natural.
Not only we have to deal with the new season affix now, but also with way harder dungeons – yet we're geared well enough for that, aren't we?
Apart from that, nothing new here – complete Mythic+15 and get the best weekly gear that is almost as good as items from the Mythic raid.

Need a helping hand? Take a look at our best M+ deals!

Have questions? Need to request a boost? Feel free to contact us!

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