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[Illustrated] First 3 Dazar'alor Bosses – What's the Order?

Which Dazar'alor boss goes after which?

This whole flashback thing in the Battle of Dazar'alor is awesome, but still a little bit confusing. Just like any new thing should be.

Let's get it straight for once and for all.

The last boss of the raid is Jaina Proudmoore.
Naturally, we kill her as Horde — the third section of the raid is from the Horde's point of view. Hence, no boss order change, because all of them are killed by one faction. The Alliance will be transformed into the Horde for the entire section of 3 last bosses.

Section 3, both factions:

7. Mekkatorque > 8. Blockade > 9. Jaina

Alright, now before the Horde's pont of view there's the Alliance's one.
It ends with an obvious climax: King Rastakhan dies. And it's us who kill him.
Here the Horde will have to suffer the transformation into the enemy faction for 3 bosses. Hence, again, the boss order is the same for the both factions.

Section 2, both factions:
4. Opulence > 5. Conclave > 6. Rastakhan

Lastly, we've got the most confusing part.
For some reason the Blizz decided to swap bosses 2 and 3 for the factions.
A story-driven change that looks redundant in terms of gameplay. We came up with a useful illustration of the boss order in the first part of the Battle of Dazar'alor raid.

First 3 Dazar'alor Boss Order
battle of dazaralor boss order horde alliance

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