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Is it Smart to Get Gear Now? Yes! [5 Reasons]

Would it not be smarter to wait till later?

Without gear you're going to miss all the fun.
Patch 8.3 has so much going on right now.
You simply MUST participate.
Here are top-5 reasons to get gear right now:

1/5. World PvP is Raging

Let's face it: you have to toggle the War Mode on.
You need more Azerite, and it's the only way to get more of it.
Yet there are so many griefers around, patiently waiting for you to finally turn the PvP on. What do you do?

Become stronger and ignore them.
A well-geared character can easily escape an ambush.
Moreover, a well-geared character can even fight back and be victorious – here it's up to you. So what do you choose: being afraid and get killed or being strong and surive, getting more Azerite to progress?

2/5. Horrific Visions are Hard

Horrific Visions are challenging – it's not news.
They were designed to be difficult at the beginning.
But having better gear helps you upgrade your cloak faster.
Because you kill the mobs faster!

A well-upgraded cloak means more powerful gear.
So it's that simple: get gear –> get a better cloak –> get better gear.
The beautiful cycle of awesomeness!

3/5. Geared Players are Rare

Right now they are, but it's not for long.
Well-geared players have higher chances for a raid or dungeon group, regardless of their experience. Getting into the best newest instances means getting better gear and other great rewards like mounts and achievements.

You need to act fast to have the priority.
It will go a long way – it's guaranteed.
So why don't you start now, before everyone has cool items?

4/5. Azerite Sticks to Geared Fingers

Azerite literally runs through the veins of a strong character in the BFA.
The more of it you have, the stronger your character is.
The faster you get it, the stronger you character is now.

You get Azerite faster by participating in many activities: not just quests and expeditions – raids too, weekly dungeon chests, even PvP.
You can do it all when you have good gear, you can't do any of it effectively, if you don't.
So start getting your gear now and you'll be good.

5/5. Your Alts Need a Strong Main

No one has just one character.
If you want to make the most of your WoW playtime, you need several classes, maybe even of the both factions.
Raiding, M+ runs, PvP, farming mounts, just exploring – you name it – everything is easier when you have a good bunch of alts.

To help your alts grow faster, you need to show them the way with your strongest character, and that's your main.
If it's not for gold, items, and mats, it's at least for the new content experience that will help you upgrade your alts in no time.

How are you going to master the new content without great gear?
It's impossible.

...Great Gear is Simpler Than it Seems

If you don't have time for gearing right now, it's alright –
we've got you covered. Armada has a lot of great deals for you.
You won't have to spend days collecting new items.

All you are to do is just log in after our player is done and start enjoying the latest content the way you see fit.
Not being afraid of ganks or being rejected by a group leader.
You will play for your own fun, not someone else's.
That's what great gear offers you – you're the boss.

Order Great Gear for Your Character Now

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​Feel free to conact us!

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