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[March] New in Store – Bundles and Sales!

Don't miss our March exclusive offers!

Spring is in the air!

No more cold and snow!

Just as last February snowbanks, our prices are melting down!

Here are some awesome things ARMADA has for you to celebrate the end of winter!

SOLID MINER Discounted Packs

buy cheap dazaralor raid mythic plus dungeon boost

Now all the 3 packs include Heroic Dazar'alor.

Rock solid miners are this month's theme!
Inspired by the new playable dwarf race's aesthetics, our new discounted packs are even better than ever before! Enjoy the best Battle of Dazar'alor + Mythic Plus offers!

  • 400-415 iLvl Gear
  • Dazar'alor Heroic run with guaranteed items*
  • Mythic Plus run with extra loot*
*not included in the base price of all the packs

Buy New Discounted Packs Here

SALE! Allied Races and Reputations

buy wow bfa reputations boost exalted fast

One new product for all the BFA factions.

To match our March's theme we offer a time-limited 15% discount on Dark Iron Dwarf allied race unlock, and Dark Iron Dwarf heritage armor.

Of course, same applies to their Horde counterparts – Mag'har Orc race unlock and Mag'har Orc heritage armor services are 15% off too!

Complete Warcampaign gets it as well, since it's a requirement to get not only these races, but also the upcoming Zandalari and Kul Tirans.
Also, as a perfect addition to that, you get a 15% discount on our new BFA reputation boost!

Buy WoW BFA Reputations Boost

SALE! Professions, Farming, and Grind

buy wow bfa professions boost 150 level fast

One new product for all the BFA professions.

Miners work a lot!
But you don't have to!
ARMADA will do the whole nasty routine for you! And not just that – you'll have it done with a 17% off! That applies to a Daily Routine service, Heart of Azeroth leveling, Pathfinder, Part 1 boost, and our new all-in-one WoW Professions Leveling boost!

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