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League of Legends Carries

We provide professional carry services in League of Legends.

Searching for League of Legends carries?
Armada is your one-stop shop to get any in-game help you need.
We do carries for any regions and in various currencies.
We also keep our prices among the market's best.
​And we are trusted by the community: hundreds of reviews prove that.

Learn more about our top-3 services below:

1/3. LoL ELO Boost

Get seasonal rewards and better rankings!

We get your account to the league and division you choose.
You don't have to share account for that: we can do it with duo queue.
Our professional LoL carry joins you and you set out on a journey up the ranks.

You can play any character you feel like – our carry will help you choose the most effective one for the current meta. Same applies to spells & item builds.
And honestly, ELO Boost is so much better than regular coaching, because you get your skill improved along with higher rank received.
It's an obvious win-win!

Contact us to Learn More or Order Elo Boost

2/3. LoL Smurf Accounts

Get a Ranked-Match-ready fresh account!

All of us need a smurf account at some point.
Whether it's your main account suspended, a friend getting started with ranked matches, or just a desire to have a fresh start – smurf is a good thing to have.
But it takes long to level up an account: not less than a month, if you play a couple of hours daily.

Smurf is good when it comes easy.
So we can do it for you: leveling your fresh account up to 30 in a much faster way.
And it's much less risky than you expect, as ranked matches are not involved.
However, if you feel like, we can help you level your account without account sharing, but it just might take a little longer.

Contact us to Learn More or Request LoL Smurf Account

3/3. LoL Placement Matches Carries

Get a better league to play this season!

Whether it's a new season or new account, everyone wants a beautiful winning streak for their placement matches. Well begun is half done, isn't it?
Placement matches are the rite of passage that separates a loser from a skillful player, but as any other League games they involve luck too.
Got a couple of high-ping players? Got a drama in the team chat? No 10/10 for you.

Fortunately, nothing can change it for the most brutal players out there.
Our professionals can overcome any difficulty and organize a perfect comeback in an almost doomed game.
If you need the result, if you hate it when random factors are in your way, placement matches carry is your wise choice.

Contact us to Learn More or Purchase Placement Matches Carries

And there's more!..

Haven't found the League of Legends carry service you're interested in?
It's alright, just request it!

We deliver boosts in the way you want them.
So feel free to express all your preferences.
Your satisfaction is our top priority!


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