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What is Mythic Dungeon International 2019?

Biggest Myhic Dungeon event is upon us!

Mythic Dungeons are exciting.
Thousands of Warcraft players around the world agree with that.
And most of them watch Mythic Dungeon International (MDI), the biggest WoW dungeon event in the world.

ARMADA has a list of 3 things you need to know about the MDI.
Let's go!


mdi wow tournament

WoW PvE has never been so fun to watch.
Remember raid tournaments? No?
Nobody remembers them!

We all know how awesome PvE activities are to players.
But to spectators? Not that awesome, to say the least.

MDI changes it once and for all.
Dungeons are faster than raids and have more going on at once.
Fewer players on the team means each of them has more individual impact.
Also, it's so much easier to pick a favourite player out of 5 than out of 20.

And the way the whole thing is streamed and organized is next level for WoW.
Make sure to check out the MDI 2019 schedule with all the events.

See MDI 2019 Schedule here


mdi finals when wow

Spring finals are to be played on June 9.
It's one of Method's two teams (either NA, or EU) vs. one of the underdogs.
Find out who it is going to be on June 8.

It's really history in the making.
MDI 2019 is the first fully competitive season for Mythic Dungeons.
This year winner is the very first official winner of the biggest dungeon event.

The community knows that very well.
That's why even on Friday there were tens of thousands of spectators watching.
If you're into Mythic Dungeons, b the finals is simply unacceptable.

Watch MDI 2019 Finals here


mythic dungeon international proving grounds

The best thing about the MDI is that everyone is welcome.
You don't have to be a professional player with a fancy lifestyle.
Just be yourself, gather your friends, and give it a shot during Proving Grounds.

What is Proving Grounds?
Special realms that help Blizzard choose the best of the best.
Right now they are not available, but they will be soon after the finals.
The Blizz have a page explaining it all in detail.

And we have PvE Coaching that can help you make the most of it all.
Get yourself ready and your chances will increase in a great way.
It's so much fun and absolutely safe!

Improve Your Mythic Dungeon Skill and Performance

Have a question about PvE Coaching or the MDI?
Feel free to contact us!


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