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[New Bundles] Gear + HoA + Cloak = Strong!

Get your alts ready for raiding fast and at a great price!

Every new alt is a new journey.

Too bad journeys in WoW are pretty repetitive these days. If you want another raid-ready character, you have to:

  • level it up to 120 (still not bored with the BFA zones and quests?);
  • gear it up (dungeons, dungeons, dungeons);
  • get its HoA and cloak to a decent level (that would be Azerite grinding and Horrific Visions all over again);
  • and much more!

We came up with an idea to make the whole process as fast and simple as possible, combining all the necessary boosts in one bundle. Well, in fact, in 3 bundles. Let's take a closer look:

Introducing "Fresh Character" Bundles

buy wow boost fresh character bundles

Each of these provides a significant boost for your fresh 120-level character in terms of gear, Heart of Azeroth, and legendary cloak. "Gear" means average ilvl that we get for your character by collecting powerful items. "Heart of Azeroth" means levels of your neck artifact that makes some of your items stronger. And finally, "legendary cloak" means levels of your back artifact that makes your character stronger in the Ny'alotha raid and in Horrific Visions. So, as you see, it's pretty versatile. But which one is best for you? Let's find out! 

1/3. Beginner Pack

buy wow gear 440 hoa leveling cloak boost

This one is good enough to start doing Normal raids or M+5 dungeons. It might sound like not much, but it's a good start, if you're only interested in casual raiding and/or trying to learn a new role gradually. Say, if you've never played as tanks before, but want to try it – this level of challenge will be exactly what you need. Not too demanding, but not too easy either. It's also the most affordable of the 3, so you might pick this one, if you're not sure you want to spend more on your new alt.

Buy Beginner Boost Bundle

2/3. Challenger Pack

buy wow gear 450 hoa leveling cloak boost

After having this one you can try doing Heroic or Mythic+10 dungeons. It's a good start for those who need an extra character for guild runs or those who want to try a same-role class that they never played before. For example, you've always played as a healer, but never played as a healer monk – the gear this bundle has will make it easier for you to understand the class potential and advantages in an actual combat. The Challenger Pack is also the most balanced of the 3 in terms of price and effectiveness – so it might be a wise choice for people who prefer to choose a golden mean.

Buy Challenger Boost Bundle

3/3. Master Pack

buy wow gear 460 hoa leveling cloak boost

Master pack is for those who need a well-prepared extra character QUICK. The reason might be any: your guild's tank suddenly got ill, your high-key M+ team just lost a healer over an argument, you simply feel like getting a strong character as soon as possible. No need to think twice: 460 gear is awesome for the most difficult high-end content, HoA of level 90 and Cloak of level 15 make it even better. You can jump right into the hardest boss encounter seconds after we're done with the character – your character will be that ready. Of all the 3 packs this one is undoubtedly the most effective – perfect for you, if you want it all. Now.

Buy Master Boost Bundle

Where do I Find These Bundles on the Site?

We have them in the discounted bundles section – you can find it by clicking here or by browsing the dropout menu as shown in the picture below.

wow boost alt gear up

Have questions? ​Feel free to contact us!


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