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[New Discounted Bundles] Castle Nathria & Mythic+10 Are Cheaper Together!

Get lots of boosts and save a lot money!


Castle Nathria and Mythic+10 have awesome rewards, we all know that. But each of them is pretty pricey at the moment. So why not get them with a great discount and in a bundle? Now that would be a smart purchase: you spend less and miraculously get more!




Introducing Our Newest Bundles


buy wow boost nathria raid mythic plus bundle update 2


This time our bundles are more diverse than ever. There's a reson for that: we want you to have more well-priced options, to be more flexible with our services. Let's take a closer look at each of these 3 bundles! 




1/3. CN Normal & M+10 Bundle (Green)


buy nathria normal boost wow mythic plus carries


Castle Nathria Normal is a great source of gear, especially with the loot trading option. 207 iLvl items might seem not the best addition to your character's equipment, but when there are so many of them (some customers got as many as 13 items per run with traders), they become a game-changer for your character.
Mythic+10 dungeon will reward you with a 204 iLvl item right away and an incredibly awesome 220 iLvl item after the closest reset from a weekly chest.


Buy CN Normal & M+10 Boosts Bundle




2/3. CN Heroic & M+10 Bundle (Blue)


buy nathria heroic boost wow mythic plus carries


Castle Nathria Heroic is the best choice for those who want the best gear now. It's a little more expensive though and will take an hour or so longer, BUT 219 iLvl items are a prize that justifies anything. Loot trading is also available and if you add it for the raid you get it free for the M+10.
Naturally, it goes with a M+10 run too, with its both rewards present as well: 204 iLvl item after the run and 220 iLvl item from a weekly chest after the soonest reset.

Buy CN Heroic & M+10 Boosts Bundle




3/3. Three-in-one M+10 Bundle


buy mythic plus carries cheap wow


This bundle allows you to get more dungeon rewards. They are really good too, since a 204 iLvl item for less than an hour of not the hardest work is pretty reasonable. Needless to say, that a 220 iLvl item for the same very thing is less reasonable (overrewarding, perhaps?), but much cooler.
You can have this boost for three different characters, getting the 220 iLvl item for each of them after the weekly reset. That would be a wise thing to do, especially at such a tempting price.

Buy 3-in-1 M+10 Boost Bundle




Where do I Find These Bundles on the Site?


discounted bundles location armada boost

Right there! Press the image with the huge text "DISCOUNTED BUNDLES" and you'll find the desired section. Also, you can just press right here to get there.




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