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[Cheaper Together] Mythic+15 & Conquest Cap

Get 2 essential weekly rewards at a lower price!

Mythic+ chest is the most important weekly reward you can get: it's simple to obtain, it guarantees you a high level item, and it doesn't take too much time to get. Naturally, everyone loves M+ and everyone tries to get its weekly chest.

Conquest Cap, on the other hand, is far less popular, even though it can give you rewards of the same quality. Why is it so? The problem is PvP: the conquest cap can be achieved by doing PvP activities. However, the majority of WoW players are not into fighting other players, hence they consider PvP rewards to be somewhat unobtainable. But that's false: PvP chests are easier to obtain than you think and the rewards you're going to get are as useful in PvE as in PvP. So don't overlook this opportunity!

With our newest bundle you can have both these activities done for you – and at a most pleasant price, let's take a closer look:

Introducing "M+15 & Conquest Cap" Bundle

purchase mythic plus 15 carries wow pvp chest boost cheap

We took our Mythic Plus 15 carry service and Conquest Cap boost and bundled them up. And yes, made the price lower, of course. So here's what you get after having these done:

  • 475 ilvl item from your weekly M+15 chest;
  • 465 ilvl item from your end-of-the-dungeon chest;
  • up to 475 ilvl item from you weekly PvP chest;
  • up to 465 ilvl item from your end-of-the-match chest.

Also, our players trade the loot they get at the end of the M+15 dungeon to you.

Shop Mythic+15 and Conquest Cap Bundle

Where Can I Find This Bundle on the Site?

You can find it on our Discounted Bundles pageBut the fastest way is by clicking here.

Have questions? ​Feel free to contact us!


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