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[June] New in Store and Best Deals

Make most of our June exclusive offers!



Hotter than 100 degrees!

So many ways to save more in June.

See 3 most awesome offers ARMADA has for you!




DADDY'S BACK! Discounted Packs


infographic new trolls

More raids, bigger value – lower price!


Discounted bundles keep getting more awesome!
Broke Pack becomes even more accessible.

Smart Pack now has Heroic Crucible of Storms.
And VIP Pack got Mythic+ 15 as a June special addition.

Moreover, item guarantee options become even simpler.
Now you can choose between 6 and 10 items.
And that's just it – no more difficult choices!
Also, both options are now even cheaper than before.

By the way, the bundles are called "Daddy's Back!" for a good reason.
​Have you seen the latest WoW cinematic featuring Thrall?
Hype is real with this one!


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SPECIAL! Invite a Friend and Get FREE Boosts


refer a friend armada free boosts


Refer a friend for INSANE bonuses!


Have your friends heard about ARMADA?
Tell them about your favorite boosting company and get a huge bonus from us!
Here's how it works:

1. You tell your friend about ARMADA Boost
2. They buy a boost from us, referring to you and getting a discount
3. Depending on the sum of their order, you get one of many special bonuses

Here's what you can have.
If your friend buys boosts for...

$20/€20 or more – you get M+10 with 50% OFF;

$50/€50 or more – you get M+10 for FREE;
$75/€75 or more – you get M+10 for FREE + BoD Heroic with 50% OFF;
$100/€100 or more – you get M+10 and BoD Heroic for FREE;
$150/€150 or more – you get M+10, BoD Heroic, and CoS Heroic for FREE. 

As a result, you both get a lot of value!
ARMADA provides!


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SALE! PvP Boosts Special Price


tiger and horse

Vicious mounts, rating, and more at great prices!


Vicious mounts this season are amazing!
Hurry up to get them before 8.2 comes too close.
And not just mounts: any PvP rating and rewards are on sale!

Dream of gladiator, but afraid of getting banned?
Don't be — that problem has already been solved.
Risk-free boost from ARMADA guarantees safety.
Check it out here!


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