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Burning Crusade Official Realms: What We Know So Far

Can it be real? And if so, when is it to be released?

Ah, the Burning Crusade, the joy of so many hearts. The golden era of WoW, as some call it – and they do so for a reason. The very idea of the first expansion was the test for Blizzard to show how well they could develop the beautiful world they managed to create back in Vanilla. And surprisingly, they outdid themselves with all the new features they brought in.

But wait, why do we even bring it up again? The reason for that is the undeniable success of WoW Classic and the upcoming end of its content cycle. Everything about it was so good that it would simply be unwise not to pull the same trick again with another community's darling. It could be either Burning Crusade official realms or Wrath of the Lich King's ones, but strategy-wise it should be the former first, as it's the order the expansions were released originally.

We might not know when exactly WoW TBC is to be released, but what we know for sure is these 3 things below:


You might assume that this whole thing is merely a speculation, but actually it's not. It used to be when Classic was just out and many people expected TBC realms to follow, but there was no proof they ever would. It all changed this March when many people received a peculiar survey from Blizzard with questions on how exactly players would like to start their TBC experience:


It's pretty evident that there's something in the works for TBC. The news got the community buzzing: TBC official realms would be most welcome by almost everyone! Unfortunately, we have no idea which of the options of the survey got the most votes, but we might figure it out soon – maybe at the closest Blizzcon in November? We'd say it's pretty likely.


Blizzard now know better how to launch projects like this. They didn't actually screw up the launch of Classic, but what was it that they did exactly? Not too much: it was the community that gave us all the things to do and watch, not Blizzard themselves. They just let it all happen, but, honestly, that's not what you'd expect from such a huge company on a day like that. Any live show? Any countdown event? Anything at all? Nuh-uh, if you wanted to see how it all started you had to be there with Method, Asmongold, or any other streamer of preference. You could witness how Esfand got shaved, for example:


Probably, Blizzard didn't want to be in the way of the community leaders, but the leaders would have got their views anyway: leveling, gearing up, doing dungeons and raids would have attracted enough views for streamers not to starve. Or maybe Blizzard's board didn't see an event of their own as a reasonable investment?

We hope that they realize how little they did back then. We hope that this time it's going to be different and Blizzard will not miss such an opportunity to give us all a most amazing celebration of the great game coming back to life.


Burning Crusade's main purpose was to bring new stuff in, not to change the working one. So it basically filled in all the gaps that the Classic systems still had. For instance, PvP got the Arena which was highly anticipated by everyone, as neither open-world skirmishes nor battlegrounds could give the pure PvP experience. Now it was just your team of 2, 3, or 5 and the opponent one. You couldn't find a better way to enjoy putting your skill to use and you got great rewards for doing that well. Inlcuding this netherdrake:

The leveling experience was now significantly more consistent, because the 10 level route was easier to optimize. Each leveling zone mattered and had its unique activities to offer: most of them remained relevant at level 70 too. The factions became more organized. The dungeons got completely separated from the raids and also got a hardmode that helped you get better gear and farm reputation with the factions you needed. Ah, and yes, the world of Outland was simply stunning: the music, the views, the characters – nothing was forgettable the way some zones from the later expansions vanished from your memory right after you got out of them.


However, it wasn't all perfect. TBC veterans can tell you spine-chilling stories of what they had to go through to get the exalted reputation with certain Shattrah factions. Some grind was just unbearable. Gold wasn't in abundance, that's for sure. You could get ganked (over and over again) in any leveling zone, mainly because they all had some activities for level 70 characters to do. Generally, the quality of life didn't change much in comparison with Classic. So if you wanted to enjoy the game, you had to put up with certain difficulties. But worry not, this time you're going to have Armada on your side. And if you ever find yourself in need of help with leveling, gold, gearing, PvP, or dungeons – we'll make sure to get you the results you need fast and at a reasonable price!

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