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Top 3 M+ Bundles to Save Money With

The best ways to save more money and get more value for Mythic+ dungeons!

Mythic Plus is one of the most popular high-end activities in WoW. And there are good reasons for that: it's relatively fast to complete, pretty straightforward, can be done with just 4 more people, and gets you handsome rewards. Since so many players find dungeons enjoyable it's only logical that M+ boosts are among our bestsellers.

We decided to make M+ services more useful and affordable, hence we came up with several discounted bundles that include a Mythic Plus dungeon carry and something else. Let's take a closer look at 3 of them that became a huge success and are being bought every day by many customers – this little guide will get you a great idea of how to save more money and get more value with just one smart purchase.

Our Best 3 Mythic+ Bundles

purchase cheap mythic plus carries wow shadowlands bundles

So here they are: x3 Mythic+10, x3 Mythic+15, and Mythic+10 & Conquest Cap. What makes them so popular and why should you choose them over the regular M+ boost? Let's find out one by one!

1. Three-in-one Mythic+10

buy mythic plus carries cheap wow

Mythic+10 might be not the most rewarding key level but it certainly is the most balanced one: it's doable by most players, it rewards you with very solid gear (220 ilvl item from the weekly chest), and its price is very pleasing to the eye. So why not go for it?

Having 3 dungeons in the bundle at once makes the price of each of them significantly lower. And you're free to use these boosts just as you wish: you can have them right away for one character, divide them among your alts, or have one dungeon run a week 3 weeks in a row. Also, you can add extra runs with options to have even more value!

Shop Three-in-One M+10 Bundle

2. Three-in-one Mythic+15

buy cheap mythic plus 15 boost wow discounted bundle

Mythic+15 takes it all to another level. It's really challenging, so few people can reach it on their own. Yet it's really rewarding, so you won't end up disappointed, unless you deem 226 ilvl gear garbage, which is simply a crazy thing to consider! To put it simple, this is the hardcore high-end dungeon content that so many people craved to get.

Having 3 Mythic Plus 15 runs in one bundle significantly cuts your expenses: you still get lots of help with difficult activities, yet spend much less money on each of them. And again, you can use this bundle just as you wish: have all the dungeons for one character or for multiple different ones, have all the runs at once or enjoy one weekly throughout 3 weeks. And with this one it's also possible to increase the number of runs from 3 to as many as 17 with options!

Discover x3 Mythic+15 Bundle

3. Mythic+10 & Conquest Cap

purchase mythic plus 10 and conquest cap boost wow shadowlands

We already know what makes Mythic+ awesome, but what about Conquest Cap? It's pretty new to a lot of players, since PvP wasn't everyone's cup of tea until recently. The reason it's so hyped is the items you can buy with the conquest points. Yes, you can buy them: choose which item you want and purchase it from a vendor, unlike getting a random one from a raid boss loot or a weekly chest. It's so enjoyable to be in control, isn't it?

Another great thing about conquest points is that you can purchase really powerful items with it: up to 226 ilvl for armor and up to 233 ilvl for weapons. The ilvl depends on the PvP rating you have, but don't worry: you'll get a high one naturally and gradually by doing conquest cap with us regularly.

Explore M+10 & Conquest Cap Bundle

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