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Why Mythic+ RIO Score Matters?

What kind of player are you? Your Mythic+ RIO score says it best!

We live in the era of Mythic+.

Like it or not, now 5 players are enough.

Enough to get great gear, enough for great progress.

And that’s fantastic!

RIO Score shows how fantastic YOU are in particular.

A casual player can have a really good rating – that’s not unusual.

You don’t have to spend days and nights on countless raid boss tries.

You don’t have to stick to the guild’s schedule – you don’t really need guild at all.

It’s just you, RIO Score, and how you want things to be!

Here are 3 reasons why RIO Score is a really big deal!


After you beat M+10 you get 380-385 iLvl gear – we all know that. And, surprisingly, that’s the best you can get: beating M+11 or higher will not give you better iLvls, it will just give you more challenges! Hence, guys doing M+11 can be as well equipped as guys doing M+111, but it’s not about gear – it’s all skill here!

Of course, gear has an impact, but it’s significantly less noticeable than in raids.


It doesn’t matter whether you play 2 or 20 hours a day, you can have a decent RIO Score easily: it depends on how well you know your class and how well you know the BFA dungeons. You learn your class as you level up and you learn dungeons as you, well, level up too! They are those very dungeons you do from 110 to 120 – first, you do them in the Normal difficulty, then Heroic, then Mythic, and only after that Mythic Plus! You can’t help knowing them really well!

So what keeps you from getting some great RIO Score exactly?


WoW will survive despite what haters say. It will survive the BFA, but it will change, as the focus in the PvE will switch from raids to Mythic Plus. Why?

Mythic Plus is a better game mode to play in 2019 than raids. 5 player team is a modern standard for MMO games, just as multiple maps and leaderboards. How do we know that it’s future?

Why do you think the Mythic Dungeon Invitational was so popular? And that’s just how it starts. Getting RIO Score now can make you an M+ veteran with a good position in a community.


Mythic+ is the future of WoW!

Will you be prepared when it comes?

Start getting ready today and you certainly will!

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