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5 Best New Features of Patch 9.1 (Chains of Domination)

What does the nearest future hold for WoW?

First content patches of an expansion are usually not very exciting. They have neither major gameplay changes, nor exciting raid bosses that are important lore-wise, and so on. However, that's not going to be the case with patch 9.1 because Blizzard promise that it's a way bigger thing than a regular first patch. Do we already know something about it that proves that? Let's take a look at 5 major announced features that are going to be introduced in the Chains of Domination patch and see for ourselves!

1. New Raid


The second raid of Shadowlands takes us to the heart of the Maw, right where Jailer resides. You might wonder, isn't it a bit too early for us to raid the crib of such a badass villain? Apparently, Blizzard are determined to give it the same treatment that was given long ago to the Black Temple and Illidan. Yet we were not promised an encounter with Jailer – do you remember even a single time when we were not given the name of our next public enemy number 1 AKA the last boss of the future raid? We neither.

What is known for sure though is that there will be Sylvanas. She's going to participate in one of the boss fights, but we still don't know in what capacity. Will we finally bring her to justice? Or will she all of a sudden switch sides and become our ally? We'll figure it out soon.

Also, we know that there are 10 bosses in the raid, which is an important point as well: 10 is a lot, and it's awesome. Shadowlands already has two 10-boss raids, even though it's been live for less than a year. We had only one 10-boss raid throughout the entire BFA, and that raid was the last one, Ny'alotha (it had even more than that, actually, but all the other raids of the expansion had fewer bosses). It's a good sign: Blizzard still care about raids and want to make them even more exciting and diverse.

2. New MEGA Dungeon

tazavesh megadungeon wow patch 9 1 broker

Not much is known about this megadungeon, but we can deduce certain things based on the previous experience with Karazhan (Legion) and Mechagon (BFA): first of all, it's going to be Mythic-only for a patch and will most likely become available for M+ runs as two separate 4-boss dungeons after that. Most likely, it's also going to have some awesome mounts as rewards. And, well, that's it for now.

We know, however, that it's going to be Broker-themed: Brokers are the race introduced earlier in the current expansion. They look like slightly reshaped ethereals and can be found across all the island-realms of Shadowlands. So the market is the place where you'd expect a broker to appear, right? Yeah, that seems to be the idea behind the whole concept.

3. Flying. Finally


This comes sooner than we expected, but boy are we happy about it. We don't know what was it that made Blizzard make flying available a patch earlier than usual, but it was definitely a good thing. Zones in Shadowlands are arranged in such a manner that flying seems to be the best way to travel around and between them. So it's good to have it so soon.

To unlock flying we'll still need the second part of the Pathfinder, nothing new here. We'll also get a mount as a reward for unlocking it, and each covenant will have a special themed mount for that. Hence, if you like the aesthetics of the covenant you've chosen, you're going to be happy. If you don't, well, you might not.

4. New Zone

korthia zone wow patch 9 1 chains of domination

Korthia might not look promising so far, but again, let's try to deduce what it's going to be like, based on what we had previously: it's cool that Blizzard introduce new zones throughout the content cycle, and the way we have it now comes from Argus and Legion's last patch 7.3. That was an awesome experience when you could not only paticipate in new activities but also chill in the themed new zone doing quests, world PvP, and some other fun stuff – the whole community was there with you.

We had the same experience with Mechagon, Nazjatar, and – to some extent – with the newly corrupted Valley of Eternal Blossoms. Korthia, just like flying, comes a bit sooner than you'd expect such a zone to appear (there wasn't such a zone in patch 8.1, for example), and it goes to show that the developers want us to expect more from each content patch.

5. New Gear

wow gear patch 9 1 chains of domination weapons

Many of us hoped that this will be the patch that reintroduces class sets, but alas. Even though we know for sure (Blizzard said so) that the class sets are on their way back, patch 9.1 won't be the one they will return in. Still, we're going to have lots of awesome items like on the picture above: they all are Broker-themed and come from the new megadungeon. And yes, they look very cool!


As a conclusion, it's important to note the trend that the developers want to stick to with this patch: it's not just more content (more reskinned mounts anyone?), it's more significant content like dungeons, zones, and new special abilities. We still don't know much about system changes but we'll have more information about that quite soon, we're sure. The only bad thing about it is that we still don't know when the patch is to be expected. But we'd rather have a well-polished patch that comes a bit later than a heavily bugged one that comes a bit earlier – would we not?  

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