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WoW TBC Classic – How will it work? [With Charts]

What happens to characters & the world? We explain!


The Burning Crusade realms have been officially announced! That's great news for everyone who missed the good old times of the first ever WoW expansion. And even though we still don't have a precise date, we have plenty of useful information that clarifies how the game is going to work. Let's take a closer look!



1. Is TBC a fully separate game?


wow tbc classic vanilla separate game


WoW TBC is not really a fully separate game. It's a continuation of WoW Classic, hence the name "WoW Burning Crusade Classic". Looks like all the retro versions are going to have that moniker, so we should just get used to that. So what it means is that Vanilla and TBC won't exist simultaneously as two different games – they are going to be one and the same, just like it happened the first time when the Burning Crusade was released.


However, there's a slight difference: Blizzard will arrange a yet not specified number of "legacy" realms that are basically Vanilla realms stuck in time with the eternal Naxxramas patch. You can still play on them and create new characters if you wish, but the chances that those legacy realms will be very popular (and populous!) are not that high. We'll discuss the legacy realms in detail in the third section of this article. But the takeaway here is that legacy realms won't be considered a separate game, they will be a part of WoW Classic.




2. Do I have to buy it or pay a subscription fee?


You don't have to buy it, but the subscription is still a must. The way you purchase it is identical to how WoW Classic fee works right now: there's one subscription fee for both Classic and Retail WoW. You pay it once and can play both games.




3. What happens to my Classic characters?


wow tbc classic how it works armada boost


There are 3 options of what can happen to your character when TBC arrives, and it's only up to you to choose the one that actually happens.


  1. It becomes a TBC character. Your character becomes a part of the new game world with all its changes and updates. You can venture to Outland, level up to 70, get a flying mount, and so on.
  2. It remains a Vanilla character. Your character migrates to a legacy realm and remains there forever with other characters stuck in the times of the Naxxramas patch.
  3. It gets both. There's a paid option to copy your character and send it to a legacy realm while the original one stays on its newly upgraded realm and continues its journey to the Burning Crusade. If you think you need a sort of a trophy shelf, you might find this option appealing. But remember, it costs an extra fee.

It's important to note that legacy realms are going to be arranged in such a manner that your friend list is going to be preserved in its entirety, so you won't miss your old friends. It's not going to be a regular migration, it's a more smart and player-friendly version of it.




4. Do I have to start with level 1 if I didn't play Classic?


wow tbc classic level boost


Yes, just like you had to start with level 1 in the original TBC. However, Blizzard introduced a paid instant boost up to level 58 that can be applied only once per account. So if you haven't played WoW Classic yet, it's a great solution for you. But for some reason the instant boost WON'T WORK for blood elves and draenei – you simply can't boost them up like that.


Also, we provide a leveling boost too. It's not instant, of course, but it can be applied to as many characters as you want, and the level span can be customized: you can get your character to level 60, 55, or any other. Also, we do it for all the races, blood elves and draenei included.


Shop Classic Power Leveling




5. When will the new races be introduced?




Unlike most other features of the TBC, you'll be able to create a blood elf or a draenei before the release. They are going to be introduced in the prepatch, so you will have time to level them up before Outland becomes available. Remember that you can't apply an instant boost to these two races, so either hurry up to level them up yourself or feel free to request a professional leveling from Armada Boost – our pros know how to do it really fast.




6. Will you offer in-game services in WoW TBC too?




Yes, of course. It's going to include Power Leveling, Gold deliveries, Arena carries, and many other useful things! Also, we have a great all-in-one bundle to help you prepare your characters for TBC. It includes leveling up to level 60, 2 or more professions boost, a mount purchase, and some more additional useful options – check it out in our store right now!


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