What do I get?

Several hours of HEARTHSTONE COACHING with our pro player.
Our player contacts you via Discord, Skype, or any other service with screen sharing.
After that you have coaching for as long as you chose.


How exactly is coaching done? (TYPES OF COACHING)

There are 3 types of coaching (see options above).
SPECTATOR means that you play against other players with tips from your coach.
He also helps you analyze your matches and build an optimal deck.
COMBATANT means that you play against your coach.
He helps you during and after matches and you build a better deck together.
FOR NEW PLAYERS means that you get basic knowledge on a class or the game in general.
Our coach answers all your questions and helps you build a solid starting deck.
Not sure which one is best for you?
Contact us and we will help!


How many hours do I need?

It depends on what you want to achieve in particular.
Learning basics very rarely takes longer than 2 hours.
However, mastering some exact deck might be a 3+ hour challenge.
Contact us to learn more and find your perfect coaching!



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