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What do I get?

Your HERO LEVEL RAISED to the one you chose.
You also get dust and several cards as LEVEL-UP REWARDS.
And, of course, you get several wins during the leveling process.


What if my current level is higher than 1?

Your boost becomes CHEAPER.
Contact us to learn what your personal price is going to be.


What if I need a custom leveling boost?

That's not a problem at all!
Contact us to schedule your custom leveling boost.


Is there a risk of getting banned?

No, there's not, our boost is SAFE.
You can even avoid sharing your account, if you choose SELFPLAY.


How does Selfplay work?

Our pro player contacts you via Skype, Discord, or other chatting service with screen sharing.
You SHARE YOUR SCREEN and start playing — our pro tells you what to do all along.
If you're not sure about what screen sharing is, please contact us to learn more.


How long will it take?

It depends, but usually it's pretty FAST.
Pro players know their thing and can achieve your desired rank very soon.
To schedule your boost and see how long exactly your boost takes, please contact us.



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