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  • As much Lost Ark GOLD delivered to your character as you've chosen



On average we start within 15-30 minutes but it might vary due to various circumstances (increased demand, for example).
To learn a precise timeframe please contact us.



Depends on the ordered amount: if it's very, very big, it might take us some time to get all of it to you.
To get a more precise timeframe for you boost please contact us.



Lost Ark gold delivery is your fastest way to get lots of currency to any of your characters. Unlike many other MMORPGs, Lost Ark has numerous "main" currencies, not just one. Nevertheless, they all are important and having lots of each of those makes your character more versatile. That is, you can buy whatever you want! However, collecting Lost Ark gold is not a simple process: you'll have to spend lots of time and such a pastime will hardly become your favourite. In fact, it's pretty tedious, so you should consider leaving such a task to professionals who will help you get as many coins as you need without any extra effort. That's exactly what we offer with this service! Value your time and spend it on what you enjoy!



You choose the region that you play in and the amount of gold you'd like to receive. if you can't find the option you need, you can just contact us directly and request a custom amount. Right after you're through with placing the order, we'll contact you and discuss how you'd like the boost to happen. We'll mainly ask you about the character that you'd like to receive the gold to and the method of delivery. After we settle those details, we contact our supplier in your server, and they start working on your order. As soon as the required amount is ready to be passed, we do just that. And boom – you got your gold fast and without any extra effort on your side! Yes, it can be that easy!



Armada Boost is a well-known name on the market of in-game services. We have helped thousands of players to achieve their goals in various MMO titles. We now work with Lost Ark too and are ready to help you with any requests in that game that you might have. Delivering gold to our customers is something we have learnt to do well since the first days of being in business. We've done that in numerous versions of WoW, ESO, and so on. So you can be sure that we know how to arrange the delivery well and keep the customer (you!) informed and satisfied.

We have lots of advantages: for example, our customer support will never keep you waiting for hours without any response. We value the time of our patrons and will never waste it on waiting. We'll do our best to keep you well-informed: if you think you need more details about something, feel free to get in touch with us right away and ask your questions. We'll get back to you fast be it day or night.

Our lineup of professional player is also quite impressive. We have a vast network in the boosting community, so it's extremely easy for us to find pros for any game and any service there fast. Lost Ark has an active vast community that is still in the process of building, so it's absolute no problem for us to find the necessary contacts there.

Our pricing is also a great advantage point since we have our own system of market monitoring. We know what the industy's average prices and keep our tags lower than that, keeping the high-qualty of our service intact, of course. To learn more about how people see our shop, please check out our Trustpilot hub where you'll find hundreds of positive reviews from customers from all over the world.



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