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  • PLAGUED PROTO-DRAKE exclusive epic MOUNT



Since Blizzard has recently changed the rules of how you can use BMAH our method has changed too.
First, we make sure that you have at least one level 60 alt. If you don't, don't worry, we'll help you get one.
Second, we watch BMAH lots with the help of a special software (it's absolutely legal, don't worry, and you won't have to download anything – we just use certain sources on the web). As soon as we discover the needed lot, we'll let you know.
Third, you transfer your alt to the destination realm (the one that we've discovered the mount on). It can take up to a couple of hours.
Fourth, as soon as your character reaches the new realm you make a cap bid on the BMAH.
Don't worry, you won't have to share your account – it won't make much sense with the new rules anyways.

If one of those 4 steps goes wrong, don't worry – we'll discuss the possible solutions with you. And we'll be in touch with you throughout the entire boosting process.

Please note that if Blizzard intervenes somehow and prevents the service from being completed, Armada Boost won't be held responsible. Since all the preparations are made and paid for in advance we won't be able to refund the service's price and the service completion might require additional payment.


Plagued Proto-Drake is one of the rarest mounts in WoW!
Initially a reward for the WotLK Glory of the Raider, now it’s obtainable exclusively via Black Market where it frequently gets to the maximum bid!
But gold is not much of a problem – not as much as impossibility to predict which realm the Proto is going to hit!
However, there’s no A in “impossible”!
If you want this mount really bad, you can keep on checking the Black Market daily, but the chances are that it is not going to appear on your realm in foreseeable future, especially if your realm is a highly populated one!
A perfect research is required!
And we’ve got it!
ARMADA provides!
We use our unique analytics methods and get you a Plagued Proto-Drake way sooner than you could even expect!
How do we do it?
We create a character on your account (any class and faction you prefer), get the required amount of gold and make a perfect bid at the perfect moment!
+ totally risk-free: the VPN software we use guarantees your 100% safety!





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