What is Castle Nathria Raid boost?

Nathria is the latest WoW raid, introduced as the main course of the first Shadowlands content patch. And just as anyone would expect, it’s challenging. Not only you have to get some decent equipment from basically zero, right after achieving level 60, but also you need to find a couple of good groups with people that have at least the slightest idea of teamplay. For that you either need to assemble your own guild (very long and frustrating), or find an already functioning one (very hard and frustrating).

However, you can avoid these two unpleasant activities and get by with a CN carry. It will guarantee you lots of valuable things: first of all awesome items of up to 233 ilvl (Mythic mode). Secondly, you get the experience that will help you clear the instance again in the future numerous times. Thirdly, you get the achievements that will prove that you have the mentioned experience – it’s going to be very helpful when you decide to enter a guild or just join fiends for a loot run.

What does Castle Nathria boost include?

We have carries for 3 different difficulties: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. For the first two we have a wider catalog of services: loot run, last boss kill, full gear. Loot run includes killing all the bosses and trading the spoils to you – you choose the number of players who do the trading. Last Boss Kill is pretty straightforward: we kill Sire Denathrius together and you get some loot and achievements, including Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge. And Full Gear implies filling each slot of your character’s equipment with a raid item of a respective quality.

Mythic difficulty is the hardest of them all and hence, quite risky. Taking every precaution we have to offer a bit fewer services than in the cases with the Normal and Heroic modes.

How soon do we start?

We have a dedicated schedule for CN runs and you can always check with it to learn when the next one is due. It’s important to understand that each such carry requires lots of professionals and can’t be commenced just right away after you’ve purchased it. However, since we have a pretty big roster of players our raids happen pretty frequently, so you won’t have to wait for too long.

How long will it take?

Depends on the difficulty. The easiest one (Normal) lasts for 2 hours tops. The middle difficulty (HC) is about 3 hours. And the hardest mode (Mythic) can take up to 5 hours, if you choose all the 10 encounters.

Why Choose Us? 

We’ve been doing raiding for many years and know well how it should be arranged to keep our customers from suspensions. Our teams are professionals and they stick to the procedure, making your boost even safer. We have a solid 600+ review Trustpilot page under our belt to show how effective our approach is and how happy our customers are with our services.

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