Swift Razzashi Raptor is an exceptionally rare epic mount!
Some say its name is a WoW equivalent of the “ULTRA MEGA SUPER NOT OFTEN”, which is usually used to describe something uncommon!
It used to be among the old Zul’Gurub loot, yet later was removed, and only in the MoP was returned as a Black Market lot!
And now ARMADA can help you get it!
Why is the Swift Razzashi Raptor (not to confuse with the Armored one!) so expensive and desired?
Perhaps the reason for that is its rarity, which is outstanding even by the Black Market standards!
Yet ain’t no mount hard enough for us to not get!
ARMADA provides!
Our unique analytics methods and tools help us find the realm on which another Swift Razzashi Raptor spawns.
What we do next is get you a class trial character (so that we could learn the mount right away) and pass gold to it!
The gold received, the bid placed, the lot won!
You get your mount that easily!
And, of course, no-ban guarantee is provided: our special VPN software helps us keep your account alright!




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