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Buying this WoW TBC boost you get:

  • The exact ARENA RATING you chose in the bracket you need
  • HONOR POINTS collected by your character
  • All the GEAR and other LOOT your character collects



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Here you can buy arena carries for TBC WoW that will help you get the desired result in the most important PvP activity of the game. It might come as a surprise to many, but arena – the essential part of the retail WoW – wasn't a part of the game since day 1. It was released together with the Burning Crusade which happened 2 and a half years later. Arena was a massive hit within the community, even though it might have been too complicated and challenging for 90% of the playerbase. The first arena gladiators became superheroes of WoW's PvP. They wore the most badass gear, they could defeat anyone, they were the ultimate PvP champions of the time. Yes, you could kill all the most awful raid bosses, but what could you do outside those raids? Could you successfully fight back when a gank lord came trying to kick your rear? Even though WoW remained a hugely PvE game (always did and always will), the PvP community got its glamour alright.

With our help you can have any TBC arena rating you need. Our professional players know the Burning Crusade's PvP meta well enough to guarantee any result you wish. Gladiator? Alright, let's go – you're going to see your netherdrake pretty soon. If you simply want to gear up with a couple of cool PvP items, that's exactly what we'll be happy to do for you. The arena boost duration might differ depending on what exactly you're after, but you can be sure that we'll give you regular updates on the progress and there won't be a single moment when you don't know what's happening to your character. Buying TBC arena carries from Armada Boost you have a certain guarantee: it's pros working, it's a flexible schedule that you can change in case you need, it's 24/7 customer service support. Your experience is our top priority. 

WoW TBC Arena Boost is a great solution for people who enjoy PvP but don’t have time to take part in the most challenging activity of the Burning Crusade. We offer help to everyone who wants great results fast: you can have any rating you need, any reward you’re after in any bracket you like.

What is Arena in WoW TBC Classic?

The concept is pretty simple and hasn’t changed much in the retail Warcraft. You assemble a team and fight against other teams in special small zones that are known as arenas and that are designed specifically for such skirmishes. There are 3 so called brackets: 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 – which one you’re in depends on how many people there are on your team. Naturally, teams of 3 players will encounter other 3-member teams.

The more wins you have over stronger opponents, the higher your arena rating is. When you enter the highest sections of the ladder you gain access to the best PvP gear that can be bought from special vendors. This system is a sort of upgrade of how it used to be in the Vanilla.

How do you get a higher arena rating in WoW TBC Classic?

There are 2 ways: through pain and through boosts. The former is not for everyone for sure, so unless you’re ready to spend entire weeks on playing arenas, don’t even expect to have a high rating. PvP in TBC is hardcore for real, so think twice before dedicating yourself to taking part in this circus of madness.

The latter is a better option for people who are not ready to invest that much time and effort into the activity. You just get a pro (or a couple of them) and start winning matches right away. Just as simple and effective as that.

Why should you buy an arena boost for WoW?

To spare yourself the trouble mostly. If you’re not sure you’re going to enjoy theorycrafting, min-maxing, grinding reps, and actually trying hard in the arena itself, you should think twice before going for it on your own. Arena is so much fun, however, when you are well-geared and in a great team, so that’s basically what you are going to obtain if you go for our carry service.


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