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Buying this WoW TBC boost you get:

  • As much WoW TBC GOLD as you chose
  • Delivery done in the SAFEST way possible for your situation



Normally it's not more than 30 minutes for regular orders.
For more difficult custom orders with huge amounts or rare realms involved the estimated time of delivery might vary.
To have a more precise timeframe please contact us.



In most cases, yes. Especially if you play on highly populated realms – you can be sure the price is accurate for your realm.
But for some realms with extremely high or extremely low population the price might slightly vary both ways.
To have a more precise rate for your realms please contact us.



Gold in the Burning Crusade doesn't accumulate fast. Not at all. If you are used to having banks full of gold in the retail, better forget that before it's too late. The harsh truth is that farming gold in TBC is pain in the... neck. So if you're planning on farming gold yourself, make sure you're actually fond of pain. If you're not, you can simply buy TBC gold delivery from Armada Boost and have your gold much sooner than you expected. It's convenient: instead of collecting gold for literally months, you can get the same amount within just a couple of minutes and spend it on whatever it is you need. And there are many ways to do so, since gold deliveries require certain prudence: if the amount is too big, we'd recommend dividing it in several parts and sending it to you one at a time within a week or a couple of days. Don't worry, we'll let you know if we deem the amount too huge. We'll also recommend several options that will make the delivery less suspicious. It means that you don't have to bother at all – if there are reasons for concern, it's us who are to warn you about that before we commence the delivery.

Some players want their TBC gold delivered by mail, some want it transferred via guild bank, some are more fond of regular trades, and some respect auction house deliveries most. We're fine with any of those methods, it all depends on what your personal preference is. The mail method is the easiest and most often the fastest, so that's what we'd recommend if the price is not too big. But if it is, guild banks, AH, and multiple trades might become a better option. Naturally, you don't have to calculate all the risks before you buy Burning Crusade gold – it's our responsibility to advise you a better option in case there is one. So rest assured, you'll get your gold in the best way possible.

It's also worth noting that our TBC gold is affordable and is delivered fast. It's cheap because we have our own gold farmers collecting the gold. Also, we sell a lot of it, hence we can make the prices lower knowing that we'll sell more gold getting even more profit than trying to sell it at a higher price. Our gold is delivered fast because we value your time and have our delivery characters situated in the right places – it's easier for them to reach your character anywhere in the Outland in almost no time.



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