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  • SWIFT ZULIAN TIGER exclusive epic MOUNT



Since Blizzard has recently changed the rules of how you can use BMAH our method has changed too.
First, we make sure that you have at least one level 60 alt. If you don't, don't worry, we'll help you get one.
Second, we watch BMAH lots with the help of a special software (it's absolutely legal, don't worry, and you won't have to download anything – we just use certain sources on the web). As soon as we discover the needed lot, we'll let you know.
Third, you transfer your alt to the destination realm (the one that we've discovered the mount on). It can take up to a couple of hours.
Fourth, as soon as your character reaches the new realm you make a cap bid on the BMAH.
Don't worry, you won't have to share your account – it won't make much sense with the new rules anyways.

If one of those 4 steps goes wrong, don't worry – we'll discuss the possible solutions with you. And we'll be in touch with you throughout the entire boosting process.

Please note that if Blizzard intervenes somehow and prevents the service from being completed, Armada Boost won't be held responsible. Since all the preparations are made and paid for in advance we won't be able to refund the service's price and the service completion might require additional payment.


Zulian Tiger is an extremely rare WoW mount!
It used to be pretty hard to get the mount back in the times of the old Zul’Gurub, yet it became even harder when the only source for it became the Black Market:
hundreds of experienced ZG Tiger hunters won’t rest until they get their trophy!
Do you really think you can stand a chance?
ARMADA says “Yes, you can!”
Zulian Tiger is a dream for so many!
Thousands of fruitless tries in the old ZG changed nothing:
there’s an inside-community cult that considers this mount its main deity!
Yet we can get you the sacred beast, no matter how zealous its worshippers are!
ARMADA provides!
With help of our unique analytics methods we get you a Zulian Tiger much sooner than you could possibly imagine!
How are we going to do it?
First, we create a character on your account (any class, faction, and race you want!), then we get gold, then we bid, and then we win!
Now the Tiger is yours!
And no risks involved: our VPN tools protect your account from any bans!




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