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Struggling to get a high power level? Never had a chance to equip a really powerful exotic weapon? Need some crucible rank assistance? We will help!
Our professional players will make your Destiny 2 guardian stronger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my money and account safe?

Yes, your money and account are safe with us, because it is in our best interest to keep them safe. We’re an official UK-based company, we have a good reputation, and we have to keep it that way – stealing anything from our customers would make that impossible. We choose honesty over stupidity.

That said, you can be sure we made every precaution to secure your great experience with us. Our website is protected with the modern security protocols to keep your payments and personal data safe. We hire pro players with an impeccable reputation to keep your game account safe and your in-game belongings intact.

However, we’d like to note that most game publishers have the right to penalize accounts that have been boosted – and that includes even suspensions. It doesn’t happen too often, but there’s always a small chance that it can happen. This risk, unfortunately, cannot be reduced to zero, but we stick to the best up-to-date practices of our industry to keep our boosting on your account as low profile as possible. And if something undesirable happens, we won’t leave you alone and will do everything we can to mitigate the damage

Is it necessary to share my account?

No, not at all.

Most our services can be provided without account sharing and most of the time playing your character yourself will be free of extra charge

How do I buy?

In just 3 steps:

  1. Add the desired service to cart
  2. Proceed to checkout and make a purchase
  3. Contact us to settle the details and start the boost

See our contact methods here

What payment methods can I use?

We have numerous payment options:

  • If you prefer paying by card, you can do exactly that
  • If you prefer using online payment systems like PayPal or Skrill, you can use them
  • If you prefer paying with Bitcoins, no problem, you can do that too
What do I do after I have made a purchase?

Go right ahead and contact us to discuss the details and start the boost.

See our contact methods here

What if I need a refund?

You’ll have it.
Even though it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed with the quality of our service, everyone sometimes makes mistakes and if it’s us who did something wrong this time, we’ll do our best to make up for that. Even if it takes a full or partial refund.

Also, you can request a refund even if there’s nothing wrong but you just need the money back for whatever reason. However, if the boost has already started, we won’t be able to send you the full amount because our players still need their pay for the work they’ve already done

Our Customers Reviews

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Destiny 2 weapons boosts are an effective solution for players who don't have enough time to obtain the items they want. Destiny is inherently a gun-focused game and you can't have a strong guardian without a strong stick. But getting one is not always easy. Quite on the contrary, to get your hands on a meta-approved weapon you'll have to invest some time and effort. Sometimes such obtainment might be very skill-demanding and not everyone is willing to even try. But giving up just like that? Putting up with being weaker than those that actually dared and got the gun of their dreams? Well, that's some exaggeration, of course, but you got the point. You don't have to reject the idea of owning a cool gun if you can't find ways to obtain it on your own. That's what weapon boosts are for: professional players help you receive the desired arms in a fast and simple way.



Most of the time, our professional player logs into your account and does all the necessary things to obtain the weapon you've ordered. Situations vary and we'll take a closer look at different cases below, but the general idea is like that. Sometimes there's a possibility to let you play your guardian yourself. In such cases our pro literally guides you through the obtainment process and you get the reward at the end of it. But as a rule, it's easier for us to do such boosts with account sharing: it's both faster and simpler for our pros. And while we're busy with all this stuff you can just spend time on doing something that is more important and pleasant!



There are several ways to categorize Destiny 2 weapons. Some of them, for example, can be obtained via a quest line. It usually involves a chain of tasks that vary from extremely easy to frustrating. Other weapons might involve raiding or PvP modes, or other activities. That's where things get even more challenging. A raid gun doesn't usually have a high drop rate and you can't be sure that you'll get it within even 10 runs. So you gotta be really lucky to obtain such an item fast. We offer both guaranteed obtainment of them and the pay-per-run option, if you want to pay less. Sometimes, however, you end up paying even more – this is something to consider and we'll be happy to help you choose the better option for your case.

Weapons also have rarity: yellow ones are called exotics and they are in high demand, while purple ones are called legendaries and they are deemed slightly less cool but still pretty sought-after. It doesn't mean that exotics are always more expensive and harder to get than legendaries. They are supposed to be, but Destiny 2 is really a game that never runs out of capacity to surprise you. Hence some legendaries might become more popular than exotics and some of them can be tricker to get too.



You will hardly ever find a Destiny 2 player who doesn't care about their arsenal. They all need better weapons all the time. And while some of them have enough spare time to take care of it all themselves, others don't. That's where we come in with our services and help you out. So whether you are a casual player who just doesn't want to spend that many hours on getting a new gun or a hardcore player who needs help with their alt guardian while they're busy with their main one – whoever you are, you will find these services useful.



Armada Boost is a well-known Destiny 2 boosting shop. We offer a wide array of various services that can help your guardian become stronger fast. Destiny 2 weapons boosts is just a part of that and a significant one! We have a deep roster of experienced pro players that are ready to get your order done in the most effective way. Our customer support will be happy to help you with all your questions and concerns so never be shy to message them.


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