Frequently Asked Questions

First of all


ARMADA is a highly praised professional WoW boosting service!

A for ABSOLUTELY! You run totally 0 risks of getting banned when you have an ARMADA boost! Our drivers always use VPN software to keep your account away from any suspicions! 

As for your money, both PayPal and Skrill payment systems and ARMADA refund policies have got you covered! If something unfortunate or unexpected happens, you can always request a refund! Check out our refund policy here!

A for ACTUALLY NOT! For most of our boosting services you’re free to select a self-play option, which allows you to play through the boost yourself! 

In several clicks! Add the desired service to cart, purchase it, and we’ll contact you shortly! Or, if you’re short on time, you can contact us yourself!

PayPal is king! We like it immensely and recommend it to everyone who values their time and safety!

And now you can use more more than 100 payment methods via Skrill payment system!

Our customer service will contact you shortly! If you’re short on time, you can contact us first via any of our contact methods!

A for ANYTIME! If something goes wrong during your run, feel free to contact us to get it all back to normal: we’ll do our best to help you! However, if things are SO wrong that they simply can’t be helped, we’re always glad to help you with at least a refund! See our refund policy for more details!

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