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New World Boosting Services

Need to get your character to 60 lvl fast? Hate doing expeditions with random noobs?
Can’t find time to level up your trade skills? We will help! Here you can find and buy
our most popular New World boosting services, including power leveling,
expeditions carries, trade skill boost and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my money and account safe?

Yes, your money and account are safe with us, because it is in our best interest to keep them safe. We’re an official UK-based company, we have a good reputation, and we have to keep it that way – stealing anything from our customers would make that impossible. We choose honesty over stupidity.

That said, you can be sure we made every precaution to secure your great experience with us. Our website is protected with the modern security protocols to keep your payments and personal data safe. We hire pro players with an impeccable reputation to keep your game account safe and your in-game belongings intact.

However, we’d like to note that most game publishers have the right to penalize accounts that have been boosted – and that includes even suspensions. It doesn’t happen too often, but there’s always a small chance that it can happen. This risk, unfortunately, cannot be reduced to zero, but we stick to the best up-to-date practices of our industry to keep our boosting on your account as low profile as possible. And if something undesirable happens, we won’t leave you alone and will do everything we can to mitigate the damage

Is it necessary to share my account?

No, not at all.

Most our services can be provided without account sharing and most of the time playing your character yourself will be free of extra charge

How do I buy?

In just 3 steps:

  1. Add the desired service to cart
  2. Proceed to checkout and make a purchase
  3. Contact us to settle the details and start the boost

See our contact methods here

What payment methods can I use?

We have numerous payment options:

  • If you prefer paying by card, you can do exactly that
  • If you prefer using online payment systems like PayPal or Skrill, you can use them
  • If you prefer paying with Bitcoins, no problem, you can do that too
What do I do after I have made a purchase?

Go right ahead and contact us to discuss the details and start the boost.

See our contact methods here

What if I need a refund?

You’ll have it.
Even though it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed with the quality of our service, everyone sometimes makes mistakes and if it’s us who did something wrong this time, we’ll do our best to make up for that. Even if it takes a full or partial refund.

Also, you can request a refund even if there’s nothing wrong but you just need the money back for whatever reason. However, if the boost has already started, we won’t be able to send you the full amount because our players still need their pay for the work they’ve already done

Our Customers Reviews

Rated 5.0 / 5 based on 1167 reviews

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New World boosts are a great solution for people who don’t want to spend too much time on the game yet don’t want to miss out on the most fun activities. NW has many progression systems and it’s only natural that you might find yourself overwhelmed with everything that’s going on. We can help catch up with all the things you are tired of or bored with, as well as get you a team of pro players for the hardest group activities of the game like expeditions, outpost rushes, invasions, and more.

Our New World services include

We do our best to make your character better, so each of our services includes lots of value for the money: not only you get the exact result you are after, you also enjoy an exceptional service that we keep up to the highest standards. Our support agents will explain everything you want to know at any time of day or night. So feel free to ask them questions and request custom services: for example, you might want a specific leveling span for your level boost, so don’t hesitate to request it from our guys right via messengers (Discord, Skype, etc).
Our character boosting services include making your character stronger in many different ways. The most basic thing is power leveling which is increasing its level up to the max one – we do that fast and there are several spans available for you to choose from. Among other character-focused services we do improving of your weapon mastery with a particular type of weapons, boosting your trade skill for any of your professions, making your reputation with certain factions better, and furnishing you with great gear and arms. The last one can be fully customized: you can ask us to get you an exact set or just a bunch of items you personally picked – we will farm anything for you.
Another huge section of services is dedicated to PVE activities. It’s mainly about expeditions boosts and hep with invasions. Expeditions are typical 5-ppl dungeons that you might have encountered in many other MMORPGS, but they are exceptionally fun in New World, much better than you expect. However, they are also pretty difficult, so getting professionals to fight by your side might be a sound idea when you don’t have all of your friends you can rely on online. Invasions are a whole different story: they are hard as hell and allow up to 50 players to participate. If you get confused in such a chaos, don’t worry: we’ll help you cope with a couple of invasions, get awesome rewards, and make you more comfortable with this activity.
PvP services are the third category that we have on our website. They cover the most important player-vs-player activities of the NW: outpost rushes and wars. Outpost Rushes are a solid 20vs20 battle mode where you need an able team to achieve great results. The same can be said about Wars, but it’s much more harder with them since it’s a 50vs50 mode that must be the hardest thing in the entire game. But we can assist you with it as well, so feel free to order anything connected with Wars from us.

Reasons to Buy NW services

New World is an exciting game, one of the most sophisticated and well-polished MMORPGS that we’ve had for a while. And it’s just as expected that it has many challenging activities for players that only the strongest can persevere at. And what does it take to become strong? Lots of time invested, a highly-skilled team of dedicated players, and a strong desire to learn even more and push your skill even further. Not everyone has all that it takes because we all have our real-life duties, so does it mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the game to the fullest if you’re busy? Of course, not! Boosting services are what bridges that gap: you get the results you want in the games you love while not neglecting your real-life job and friends.
So to sum up, here are the reasons to buy NW carries:
– You save lots of time
– You can keep up with the community without playing 24/7
– You can experience the latest activities without trying too hard
– You don’t have to look for reliable teammates yourself
And so on! So you don’t have to change your entire life to be good at a particular game – we help you keep that healthy balance that you need!

New World boost requirements

For most of our carry services you only need an active game account and that’s it. However, for high-end activities like outpost rushes, invasions, etc you will need a max level character – but if you don’t have it, don’t worry: we’ll offer you some help with that too at a special pleasant price!
Some boosts might also require account sharing – that means that our pro player will log in your account, do the boost, log out, and you’ll get the account back. We stick to all the standard safety measures that we have in the industry, so you shouldn’t worry about your character or account – we’ll get them back to you in a perfect shape. And even if something bad happens for some reason, we’ll be in touch with you until the issue is solved – we value our reputation more than anything else and our reviews on Trustpilot can prove that.

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