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Struggling to level up your character through thousands of quests? Classic dungeons and raids are too hard? Can't farm enough gold to buy mounts? We can help!
Our professional players will make you one of the WoW Classic best players in no time.

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Amazing service. Very fast and responsive. Got all I needed and a lot more in one run, would highly recommend to anyone.

Amazing service

DarylGio Agoncillo

Bought more service from them, super fast and precise, especially for the price.


Sherry Tomino

Purchased a 110-120 "Xtra fast leveling" was done in less, than 24 hours. Talkative and informatiive support @ discord, i wasnt kept in the dark regarding the progress. Highly recommended! :)


Andreas Nolte

best support and team 100% top!

best support and team 100% top!


You can absolutely trust them to do the Job, and my order was a custom one for an achievement in PvP. They're great and dependable for sure.

They will get it done

James Ney

100% outstanding. I've bought 100-110 level ups for quite a few toons and multiple heroic runs. Each time Armada has done a great job coordinating quality drivers/groups for carries. Highly recommend.

100% outstanding

Ray Holmes

Armada boost is one the best services out there. They are always professional and completed things within timely manner. I would highly recommend them.

One of the best services out there

Kayhan Kaya

They always do their Job.. if you need help just ask them... i very glad that i find their site!

Greetings from Germany

They always do their Job.

Peter Dannerfjord

I have used ArmadaBoost a number of times for various services - and have always been treated like a valuable customer. Communication is good and service is professional. ArmadaBoost is highly recommended!

Highly recommended

Spiros Antonatos

excellent service! fast and efficient. very communicative on Discord.

excellent service

Jab Burgess

Great communication. The work was done within the set time frame and they were very open through the whole process. Will definitely use again in the future.

Great all around service.

Attila Huszár

Everything was as promised. Recommend.

Everything was as promised

Conan Wong

Did a very fast raid run and got good drops. Also very friendly help and trustworthy. Recommended!

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WoW Classic Boosting - What To Expect

We can all agree on just how frustrating games like World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic are. With our boosting assistance, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. There are many raids, quests, and challenges that are not only hard, but also time-consuming. Above all, such objectives inside the game require considerable commitment from the player.

The problem is that not all of us have such luxury on our hands. This is the reason why most players leave the game before getting to enjoy all its features at their fullest. However, with the help of our team, you will never have to face such problems.

We offer a team of professionals that are readily available to complete all the hardest activities for you. We are a bunch of professionals that are dedicated to helping you get the upper hand in WoW by doing all of its farming for you.

Farming itself isn’t bad, it’s just that it is quite repetitive for many players. Our assistance is specifically made for such players to be able to improve their characters without doing much farming. We have a whole team of experts that will not only help you with the grind, but also aid you in becoming one of the best WoW players. All of this is done at  a price that is more than just satisfying.

Why Should You Buy WoW Classic Boost from Us?

Boost stores and WoW guides are numerous, so why should you turn to Armada Boost for in-game assistance? What makes us stand out? Well, the answer is actually quite simple. Not only is our team dedicated to helping you boost your progress but  we are also committed to helping you reach the level cap in no time at all.

We offer different services  each of which is aimed at clearing certain WoW activities. Due to this, we are able to aid you in getting what you exactly need. This also makes things a lot simpler and easier for you. At a very affordable price, we can aid you in choosing the boosting service that you need. Here is an overview of what to look forward to:

  • Reasonable and affordable pricing
  • High quality WoW Classic character boosting
  • Fast completion of all our services
  • PVP rank boosting

This is just a glimpse of what we provide to our customers. All you have to do is to select any of the services that we provide. Whether you need to have a very difficult activity done, or whether you are looking to farm lots of golds we’ll will make sure you achieve your goal!

Our Services

In order to better understand exactly what we manage to deliver to our customers,let’s take a closer look at them. Here are just some of the amazing things that we offer:

We help you level up in an unbelievably short time. Leveling up can be a tedious task, but so can be gearing. Getting better gear, especially a near end-game one is very challenging. By deciding to go with us, you will level up your character much faster than on your own as well as have the best gear.

It goes without saying just how hard farming gold could get in these games. Similarly, gold is a very important currency that everyone keeps running out of in World of Warcraft . As you progress, the amount of money needed to purchase essentials will also go up. If you decide to choose this particular service, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about anymore. Regardless of whether you need coins or something else, we will do the process for you!

The Honor system in WoW’s PVP can be quite frustrating at times. Fortunately, we know precisely how to make your character climb up the PVP ranks, allowing you to unlock titles that you couldn’t get yourself. By choosing our services, you can get to the Honor ranks that you have only dreamed of.

There is no doubt about Dungeons & Raids being some of the hardest activities in World of Warcraft. Our team is more than happy to do some of its hardest raids for you. Same goes for clearing any dungeon in the game at all. So, if you are having trouble clearing a specific raid or dungeon, all you have to do is to pick us!

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