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Struggling to level up your character through thousands of quests? Classic dungeons and raids are too hard? Can't farm enough gold to buy mounts? We can help!
Our professional players will make you one of the WoW Classic best players in no time.

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Amazing service. Very fast and responsive. Got all I needed and a lot more in one run, would highly recommend to anyone.

Amazing service

DarylGio Agoncillo

Bought more service from them, super fast and precise, especially for the price.


Sherry Tomino

Purchased a 110-120 "Xtra fast leveling" was done in less, than 24 hours. Talkative and informatiive support @ discord, i wasnt kept in the dark regarding the progress. Highly recommended! :)


Andreas Nolte

best support and team 100% top!

best support and team 100% top!


You can absolutely trust them to do the Job, and my order was a custom one for an achievement in PvP. They're great and dependable for sure.

They will get it done

James Ney

100% outstanding. I've bought 100-110 level ups for quite a few toons and multiple heroic runs. Each time Armada has done a great job coordinating quality drivers/groups for carries. Highly recommend.

100% outstanding

Ray Holmes

Armada boost is one the best services out there. They are always professional and completed things within timely manner. I would highly recommend them.

One of the best services out there

Kayhan Kaya

They always do their Job.. if you need help just ask them... i very glad that i find their site!

Greetings from Germany

They always do their Job.

Peter Dannerfjord

I have used ArmadaBoost a number of times for various services - and have always been treated like a valuable customer. Communication is good and service is professional. ArmadaBoost is highly recommended!

Highly recommended

Spiros Antonatos

excellent service! fast and efficient. very communicative on Discord.

excellent service

Jab Burgess

Great communication. The work was done within the set time frame and they were very open through the whole process. Will definitely use again in the future.

Great all around service.

Attila Huszár

Everything was as promised. Recommend.

Everything was as promised

Conan Wong

Did a very fast raid run and got good drops. Also very friendly help and trustworthy. Recommended!

ArmadaBoost +

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What is WoW Classic Gold?

Every RPG game has some sort of a currency. That’s one of the staples of roleplaying: you immerse into a world that is supposed to feel real. Even if it’s inhabited by gnomes and goblins. WoW has a pretty straightforward currency which is gold coins. Collecting them is no easy task and that’s why buying the Classic currency is so popular.

Instead of grinding mobs for days and sometimes even weeks you can get the desired amount almost instantly. For Vanilla it’s an important advantage, as time there is of the essence. Almost everything takes too long, so buying gold is a perfect opportunity to speed things up.

The Best and Safest Place to Buy WoW Classic Gold in 2021?

Armada is your best safe haven when it comes to WoW boosts and carries. We have everything you might need in either version of the game and it all costs a most fair price. Our delivery is fast and our communication is unmatchable: it’s mostly because our staff has a great command of English and we know how to communicate with our clients in the proper way to be both helpful and polite.

Our prices are always up to date because we watch the gold market closely and respond to the changes promptly. You can always message us to learn the current figures.

How soon do we start?

We begin the delivery right away. First we need to contact our suppliers to see which of them are available right now and how much currency is at their disposal. It might take some time, but we’ll keep you posted about the progress. Most likely the preparations will be over within 20-30 minutes tops. So don’t go AFK right after you’ve made the purchase.

How long will it take?

The amount makes the difference. If it’s a couple of thousands, you’ll get them in no time. If it’s about a million or even several of them, that’s a little more complicated. With larger sums slower is better: thus it’s harder to notice the gold transaction. When a huge number of coins changes the owner within a short period of time it’s going to look suspicious for sure. So we recommend dividing the delivery into several smaller ones for safety.

How to Buy WoW Classic Gold?

Just choose how much you need and that’s it! We want our product to be as simple as possible. If the rate for your realm differs from the one on our website, we’ll let you know. You can even ask us in advance to make sure. The rest of the details are important too, but we’ll request them later in the chat: your realm, your character’s faction and name. And that’s about it!

Why Choose Us? 

Classic Gold is not so simple. It’s a delicate issue, the one that requires some real professionalism. Not everyone can deal with it, because there are so many ways to fail and lose everything. We’ve learnt to avoid the most difficult parts of this trade. Hence, our methods are almost impeccable by now. Many people are happy with our deliveries and you can see their reviews yourself on our Trustpilot page where we have more than 600 positive comments.

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